Lippincott's q&a review for nclex-rn


Hi nurses,I was wondering if anyone has used or is using the lippincott's q&a 11th edition to study,it has about 6000 questions and my plan is to finish it before I take my test in the first week of July,plus I have other books am reviewing too,I want to know how helpful this book is cus I haven't seen anyone here mention it so far and I wouldn't want tO waste my time using a resource that might not help,Goodluck to everyone studying and taking their test soon:)


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Most of the books out there are content review. They are all about the same do the questions and practice tests. You need to so some alternate style type questions and critical thinking questions as well. I used Saunders and NCLEX is critical thinking test, not solely content, but how to apply it! Good luck!

NurseNightOwl, BSN, RN

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I used this book to study for tests all throughout nursing school, and even though I haven't taken the NCLEX myself yet, I do know one girl who used only this book and passed (not sure of the question count). However, I don't know how good of a student she was/etc (she was a semester ahead of me in the program) so I'm not sure how strong she already was in content vs. question strategy.


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I am currently using it. It does have plenty of alternative style questions, which is why I bought it. I take Nclex next Tuesday. I am using it, Hurst, and ATI-just the tutorials and practice quizzes since I have access to it since we used it in nursing school.