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Licensure requirements for Montana

by ahhback2MT ahhback2MT (New) New

Hello all,

I'm looking to transfer my RN license to Montana. Can anyone tell me the licensure requirements here? Thank you! :wink2:

Hi all,

I know this is late, but I just wanted to let you know that I transferred my license from NC and it was not difficult at all, took some time for paperwork but nothing else. It's not a 'compact state" yet, but again, except for the paperwork doesn't take long. Best of luck to all your endeavors..

You do not transfer a license, you endorse the one that you have and continue to have it until it expires.................if you do not renew it. You do not transfer a license in the US.

You just need to apply for "License by Endorsement" and follow what they want and pay the fee.

And even if it were a compact member, if you move your legal residence, then you would still need to go thru the endorsement process.

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Why don't you just contact the MT BON via email or phone? You'll need their paperwork anyway.

Sorry, that's what I meant, I did endorse my license to Montana..:idea: It is just filling out paperwork and did not take long..

Hello, I'm trying to get a Montana Nursing License. Do you know what is required? I am an RN from Oregon, but my degree is from Regent College in New York. This was corrisponant degree and I don't know if that is an excepted degree in Montana.:nurse:

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