license transfers from state to state


im not sure how to find out if my Illinois LPN is transferrable to another state

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Should be. Go to the "resources tab" right above this post to the right and click on the IDPR site. Good luck.


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Most states now offer reciprocity with other states. You would not need to take any tests. Just submit an application and the fee. They would verify to make sure your license in Illinois is in good standing. There is also a nurse "compact" that will sometimes enable to practice in different states as long as your legal residence is a compact state.

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Your current license is most likely transferrable, as long as it is unencumbered and has no restrictions. When you transfer your nursing license to another state, this process is called "Licensure by Endorsement."

For example, my initial LVN license is from California, but I endorsed (transferred) it to Texas.

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You can go to the website of the state you are interested in transferring to(search ....Board of Nursing) and read the requirements for licensure by endorsement. Generally required is completion/graduation from an LPN/LVN program, fee, background check, passing grade on NCLEX-PN, verification of education & current license in good standing.

Some states require work experience prior to endorsement and some states accept students who have completed half(theory & clinical) of an RN program for LPN licensure.

Each state is different & has their own process & requirements.

I've endorsed several times(from California) with Georgia being the most expensive & longest wait(they required verification,which costs $$ from each state I had ever worked in & verification of hours worked, took about 3 months) & Pennsylvania was the fastest(temporary permit issued in 10 days,permanent license in 45 days). I also obtained a North Carolina license which has allowed me to work in other compact states(Texas,Arizona,Delaware & Maryland). I was able to apply & pay the fee online & received the license in about 21 days. Hope this info helps.


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Can someone explain "compact" state to me? I would lilke to hold my LPN license in the state I live (LA) and in the state I am from (AL). Just in case I need to go home to take care of a family member. I am facing that possibility in the near future but would still need to work part-time while I am there. I have a place that would hire me part-time with the condition that I would be returning home if I could hold my license in both states. Any information would be helpful....thanks.

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Looking at the list of compact states, neither Alabama nor Louisiana are listed. You should be able to obtain the new license by endorsement & still maintain your original license. Check with both Boards of Nursing just to make sure.

Re:the nurse licensure compact, there are several states (AK?,AZ,CO,DE?ID?,IO?,KY?,MD,ME?,MS,NB?,NC,ND,NH,NM,SC,SD,TN,TX,UT,VA,WS?) that allow practice with one license. You have to declare a home state/state of residency then you are granted practice privileges in the other compact states. There is more info at

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I got my original LPN license in Illinois and I just transfered it to the state of Nevada almost a yr ago. So I am sure that as long as your license is in good standing that getting it transfered should be no problem as long as you meet all the paper requirements for the state you are transferring too


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