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I have been an RN in texas for 5 years now. More than 3 years ago, I failed a random drug screen for marijuana and was reported to the board. This was a one time use and wouldn't dare risk this again. I have never failed a drug test prior and have since taken and passed several for employment. The investigation was ongoing these 3 years as I'd periodically get notice it was ongoing, and just yesterday my employer got notice that my license had been revoked. Apparently there was a trial date that I was not aware of and therefore did not show for and so they revoked my license. I immediately contacted the BON and was given the info to request motion for rehearing. I have done so and submitted this and should hear decision within 5days. What are my chances of getting my license reinstated and what time frame am I looking at? This is who I am. I solely support 3 children with this license and am just so scared. Please help!!

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So you are telling me you have only used marijuana once in your life and you happened to be randomly tested after that one and only time you used? :yawn:

Is this like the patient who says "I only drink 1-2 beers a day" and comes in yellow as a daisy at 35?

Be honest with the board, painfully honest, and they will most likely allow you to keep your license with conditions. Lie or try to hide your chemical use and they will see you as unremorseful and likely to continue the behavior and your license will be revoked entirely.

Not sure how you did not receive word about your hearing, you do update your address with the BON right? I am sure they were thinking you must have been too stoned to read your mail :roflmao:

If it has taken 3 years to get a hearing you might be in for a wait to get another.

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This has been moved to Nursing and Recovery. Though your issue isn't necessarily a recovery issue, drug use is the topic of this forum.


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Hello TxRN9, Sorry to hear of your dilemma, with 3 kids I'm sure your stress level is off the charts. Tx BON has a 0 tolerance for drug and etoh abuse by RN's. I am not here to judge the circumstances that lead to you being tested, only offer support. I just completed TPAPN last month. They (BON) are here to protect the people of Texas, not you. Keep calling them so you don't miss your next hearing, be honest. Asking for TPAPN is better than losing your license (having it revoked). It will be 3 years of monitoring, but you have a chance to keep working as an RN. Keep your head held high, making a mistake does not make you a bad RN. Keep posting there's a lot of people out here in forum land that can offer you support. Peace

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I recommend that you get a lawyer specializing in administrative law who has experience dealing with the BON. Do not "get honest" with the board until you consult with a lawyer. That said, if you lie and continue to use substances, you will lose your license permanently.

Best wishes to you in such a scary situation.

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