Liability Insurance for Student Nurses


I have read a few posts on here about for students and as a result have decided to purchase some. Why don't all nursing schools recommend this? Mine did not.

If anyone has specific recommendations for a student plan please let me know. I am about to start my research because the only one I have come across so far is the one affiliated with the NSNA.



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Are you sure that your school doesn't already have on you? Mine charges a fee every semester and adds it to tuition for insurance. I would hate for you to have to spend more $$ if you don't have to.


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Most school are required by law to offer for students who are going into a clinical setting.If you don't apply for a waiver proving you already have insurance they will charge you for it! Are you sure your school does not offer this? My school uses Pearce & Pearce...

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You guys are right. Just because they didn't mention it at orientation and it isn't in the documentation they gave, doesn't mean they don't have a plan.

I shall ask them directly.

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