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  1. Hey, I'm only a student, but maybe I can be of some help since this is still fresh in my mind lol. From my understanding, serum K+ level increases in metabolic acidosis (and decreases in metabolic alkalosis) but is not so much affected in respiratory acidosis (so I don't think it would have anything to do with CO2 since that is resp not metabolic). That being said, I don't think hanging K+ would benefit in a state of metabolic acidosis, it would just increase the serum K+ level even more. Was it pure K+ they were infusing? Any other fluids that may have lead to the fluid overload? What was her acidosis caused from, DKA? What was her BS? ABG levels? Once they got the level, did they give her insulin to lower the K+ or any other Tx and then gave the K+ to prevent hypokalemia? Sorry, lots of questions but it helps with learning LOL
  2. donnasRN

    Concordia College (NY) ABSN Fall 2010

    OK, wow, just got around to reading some posts from a dissatisfied student! I'm not sure who saveyourself is, but I'm a student in the same program and in NO WAY feel the way they do. I have also showed what they have written to several of my other classmates and they are ready to join the forum and discount saveyourself's statements on the program as well lol. We were reading it like what the hell who is this and what the hell are they talking about haha. Also, the amount of spelling and grammatical errors really bothered us - no wonder they're so disgruntled! LOL First off, let me make it VERY clear that everyone in the class does not feel the way this person does! I think it's owed to those of you who are applying/accepted to know this - I remember what it was like reading posts such as those and it really leaves you wondering, especially when you're quite interested in a particular program. Well, I feel this program is great - We've learned a tremendous amount since August (both in lecture and clinical), and I can honestly say as of right now I feel confident on the floor when I'm in the hospital and that I will (hopefully lolol) pass the NCLEX. During clinicals, my group received several positive remarks from nurses on the unit regarding how knowledgeable we are in the material we've learned and how they didn't know as much or do the amount we have done while they were in school (some were second degree nurses, recent grads, etc.) That being said, the clinical instructors are awesome. You need to know your stuff, but they make sure you get to do/see as much as possible during your rotations. But, a lot of students fail to realize clinical is WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT. You want to stand around and do nothing when the instructor is busy with someone else or expect the instructor to hold your hand, that only hurts you... Being proactive - Answering call bells even if it's not your patient, helping other nurses you're not assigned to, and doing assessments on other patients not your own is very important in having an amazing clinical experience. Those of us who have followed that have had great clinical experiences and those that didn't b**ched and moaned LOL. There were a bunch of us who made the Dean's List... I'd say around 15? Not really sure, I can't remember the number on the list lol (it's hanging outside Dr. Apold's office so if any of you are going for your interview you can check it out). So, those that are on probation or are struggling are struggling for a reason. Either not studying enough or focusing too much on the wrong material. If the program is as terrible as this person claims, no one would be succeeding LOL. The tests are fair, they are NCLEX style for the most part and I haven't come across many questions on exams that pertained to material we didn't cover. If there is, they actually review the exam and throw out the questions or curve the exam! Hence, one of the reasons that we might get an exam back a week later. And, the claim that we get exams 3 weeks later?! ***** That has never happened so I have no idea what they're talking about lol. As far as not getting to keep your exam - OK, this is not a program fault, MANY schools do this... I wasn't allowed to keep any exams while taking my pre-reqs (which was at a different school) and same with some during undergrad. Study what you need to study and wouldn't have to worry about keeping an exam to review from LOL. As far as the NCLEX 4000, one of the best ways to do well in the program and on the NCLEX IS to do practice questions!!! You can't teach critical thinking LOL. I study the notes and do tons of practice questions daily on the material we've learned and I've managed to get near 4.0 last semester and I'm hoping for a 4.0 this semester. Getting into the hang of NCLEX style questions via exams and practice is a sure way to prepare for the NCLEX!!! Also, I just had to speak on the claim regarding the email about notice for the final. We all knew there was going to be a final but didn't know when so there was definitely time to study. The professor asked when it would work best for us and the date/time was chosen by what students felt was best... The exam was for the Spiritual Competence class, it was going to be 25Q multiple choice, online from home! You could use your notes so um if you need time to prepare for that then just give up now LOL. The faculty and staff is very accommodating to the students, everyone is nice and the claim that "nice caring attitudes are out the window" is completely and utterly false!!! Dr. Apold and the rest of the faculty is super nice, their doors are always open, and they really try their best to help you but there's only so much they can do for everyone. If you ask me, the problem is some of the students, not the program. Some of the students complain about EVERYTHING. "Oh we can't have an exam and a paper due the same week, can we have something moved" it gets moved. I mean ppl b***hed and moaned about having an exam the day after superbowl so to be nice they moved it to Tuesday. From what I hear from some of my peers in other schools, no nursing program would do that!!! That's why things may get disorganized or confusing at times because you have a select few of constant complainers who are never happy and always want something moved around because they can't handle doing more than one assignment at a time lol. It's like, "GET OVER IT!" Some students need to just shut up and deal with what we have to do... They made it very clear to us from the beginning that they own us for the duration of the program lol. It's a 15 month accelerated program and I wouldn't be upset if they told me I had 10 papers and 3 exams one week, I'll prioritize my time and do what I have to do lol. Overall, the program is doing fine and accreditation is pretty much set. I had the chance to speak with the accreditors when they visited and they were very pleased with everything they'd witnessed both in clinical and lecture/lab. I was worried upon applying as well but we've basically got it, it's just a lot of paperwork that needs to get done lol. And, nothing has changed since the visit so I don't know what that remark was about either LOL. Honestly, if any of you have any questions please feel free to PM me. I know what it was like to be interested in a school and not have much information on it... I tried to find someone out there who was currently a student or would be a future student back when I applied haha but they weren't out there LOL. I hope this information helps all of you! Best of luck in the application processes and congrats to those of you who have been accepted into programs P.S. OMG so sorry for the LONG post LOL
  3. donnasRN

    question about pt symptoms

    I haven't heard the term "hot abdomen." I'm only a student but from your description it seems he may be suffering from peritonitis (rigid/washboard abdomen is a classic sign often accompanied by n/v) - although, I'd need more info as the poster replied above. Any s/s of bleeding? Did you auscultate bowel sounds when you did your assessment? What was he in the hospital for? Hx of BO?
  4. donnasRN

    Why should I be a nurse if it's so awful?

    If you really want to increase your knowledge of the profession, I suggest you do some volunteer work @ your local hospital(s) on different units, do per diem as a CNA, or see if there's some way for you to shadow a nurse rather than relying on the forum. It's one thing to be a patient/help a family member in the hospital, but another to be the actual caregiver... There is A LOT that goes on behind the scenes and the only way to really experience it is to be involved on the floor. (From another post of yours). Unfortunately in my experience, I've seen a lot of people who 1. think just b/c they've been patients in hospitals they'd make a good nurse or 2. decided to make a career change to nursing without doing any research on the profession, end up starting a program and dropping out because it was totally different than what they had expected. There are forums and websites out there where people vent about family/child problems, money issues, etc. but that doesn't stop most people from getting married, procreating, and shopping :) Hopefully you will be able to do some work @ your local hospital (even the hospitals your school uses for clinical sites), or even doctor's office/out patient services, etc. so you get the real feel and experience of how an actual shift would go. It will also help you in the long run so when you graduate you'll be familiar to the facility and employees when you're looking for a job. Best of luck!
  5. LOL this is so funny to me... I was going to start the CDP this past January in Pleasantville but decided to hold off & attend Concordia College's 15 month ABSN program instead b/c I couldn't fathom paying so much for Pace. Thank God I did, I'm loving Concordia's program! I am so sorry you guys are having such a terrible experience... I got my undergrad degree @ Pace so I know what you're going through w/ that school, & from what I've heard from peers in the CDP program it's 10x worse! (i.e. um no access for Nursing students to the lab for practice, Peds clinical rotation was, "go to the zoo & observe children"). For the amount they charge, students should be given every opportunity to advance! Someone I took my prereqs w/ @ WCC ended up in the program & regretted it - they have since transferred to a different ABSN program. Yes, Nursing school is difficult, but there are just some resources that a school should offer its students, especially a school such as Pace. Even though it sucks, I hope you guys make it through. Just keep trying to tell yourself it's only 12 months LOL. Best of luck to you all.
  6. Since the toileting schedule was unsuccessful, you could suggest having the hall check person make sure he hasn't soiled himself during each round, & if he did then have it taken care of. This would also help in ensuring towels aren't forgotten. Our hall checks are done every 15 mins., not sure about your facility. The doc should consider ordering some DDAVP & a fluid restriction after a certain time (although a little touchy w/ JCAHO). This might help you & your peers for the future... Good luck.
  7. I'm guessing she put the towels down as a precaution b/c he has a hx of bed wetting but the towels ended up getting soaked w/ urine & they thought it was being covered up? OP, is that what happened? I work in psych as well, & although I work w/ adolescents, we've had a few who've suffered from enuresis - These pts are always put on a toileting scheduling over night (i.e. woken up by staff @ 12a & 4am to use the bathroom) & DDAVP is ordered. I suggest you bring up a similar type of protocol to management so your situation doesn't arise again.
  8. donnasRN

    I failed Nclex today

    OP you can try: Kaplan NCLEX-RN: Medications You Need to Know for the Exam (Kaplan NCLEX-RN Exam) - 2008 I believe? Chicago Review Press Pharmacology Made Easy for NCLEX-RN Review and Study Guide(Pharmacology Made Easy for NCLEX series) - Although, I believe it was published in 2001 so it may be a little outdated lol. Or, maybe one of those "Pharmacology Made Easy" books. I think if you keep taking the questions on the DVDs mentioned in all the previous posts, you'll do really well. I believe the DVDs are divided up into sections so you can focus on your weak points. Give yourself enough time to take it again so you can prepare yourself and you'll do great. But beforehand, pamper yourself lol: Get a mani, pedi, spa treatment, anything to center yourself and give yourself confidence. Best of luck again and let us know the outcome!
  9. donnasRN

    User name on allnurses.com

    [ I gave her adequate information regarding the NCLEX-RN in my first paragraph to be supportive. And, my P.S. was referring to her previous user name, she has since changed it after I made her aware. I was giving her a "heads up" before the staff on this site would tell her she has to change it or someone reports her. I actually posted the link to the thread relating to user names on one of my previous posts, you can refer to it if you have further questions/concerns as this is taking this thread off topic. To OP, the Porth Patho book is really good as a poster mentioned above... The Pharmacology Textbook by Lehne is really helpful as well if you feel that is one of your weak points. Best of luck!
  10. donnasRN

    User name on allnurses.com

    you can refer to the link i sent when i quoted your previous post, i don't want to take this thread off topic. i believe all the questions regarding user names and titles are answered there.
  11. donnasRN

    User name on allnurses.com

    this an thread may better assist you with your question: https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/important-please-read-312848.html
  12. donnasRN

    I failed Nclex today

    I'm sorry you failed, but I'm sure you weren't the first and you definitely won't be the last! Try the NCLEX-RN Review 4000 DVD by Lippincott and just keep working on those questions... According to my peers, the NCLEX was a piece of cake after they utilized this DVD lol. You can also browse the NCLEX section on the site for more tips like one of the previous posters stated. Good luck!
  13. I'm still a student as well but I have worked in a hospital and it hasn't been an issue for me when I knew someone... I'd make my NM aware to make sure they're okay with it as well. I feel it wouldn't be an issue for me once I'm a Nurse unless the patient has an issue with having me treat them - then I'd accommodate however the hospital's policy is regarding it (i.e. switching). I'd leave it up to the patient (as long as my NM approves per hospital policy), if they don't have an issue then neither would I - As long as they don't expect to receive priority/special treatment from me lol. I've worked in Psych as well and in the facility I worked at they would switch a staff or admit a patient to another unit if a staff member/patient knew each other.
  14. Do really well in your prereqs (aim for A's, B's), and when applying to schools include in your entrance essay/personal statement (if there is one required) information regarding your academic performance: Why you would do well in the Nursing program even though your undergrad cum GPA does not match their requirements, what you've done differently to do so well in your prereqs, how disciplined you are, etc. I've been to a few ABSN program open houses where the Dean and faculty have stated they expect this information in the personal statement if one's undergrad cum GPA does not meet their admission requirements. They never said they wouldn't accept anyone that didn't match their demand, but they wanted reasoning on why they should accept someone if their GPA didn't meet their qualifications. Also, go to a few open houses, ask questions, let them know your worries/concerns, network, etc. Maybe you'll make an impression when they're reviewing your application. Don't fret, good luck!
  15. I hate it too!!! I'm already dreading the thought of driving to clinicals during the winter! LOL

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