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Level IV NICU near Plano

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I am moving to Plano in September and wondering what the best NICUs are to work in. I am coming from a level III NICU in Tennessee but looking to work in a level IV NICU if possible. What hospitals have the best reputation, pay, benefits, etc? Any input would help! Thanks in advance!

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Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I think there are only possibly 2 level 4s in the DFW metroplex. I think Dallas Children's is one and I know Cook Children's (in Fort Worth). That's probably it. Both are referral hospitals and get patients from hundreds of miles away. Dallas Children's pays slightly better than Cook Children's but cost of living is higher in Dallas versus FW and you don't want to commute from Plano to FW. Well, To be fair though, I wouldn't want to commute to Dallas from anywhere. Traffic over there is just a beat down.

There is a big Dallas Children Hospital in North Plano. Right off Preston Road near 121.

Yes Dallas traffic suxs, but you could take light rail from Plano to Hospital in Dallas Hospital District....

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I do not believe the Children's on Legacy in Plano has a Level IV NICU. In fact, I am pretty sure they don't have a NICU at all. The Plano Childrens does not treat all of the same health issues as the Dallas location and the inpatient portion in Plano has only 72 beds total.

The Medical Center of Plano and Presbyterian of Plano both have Level III NICUs. I believe the only Level IV NICUs will be in Dallas are at Childrens and at Baylor Dallas. I believe the only one in Fort Worth is at Cooks. All of those would be a healthy drive from Plano.

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