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Letters of Reference from clinical instructors?


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Hi all

I'm a 3rd semester RN student in a 4-semester ADN program. I'll begin applying for jobs in 5 months and am getting started on my resume so I can 'perfect' it by the time it comes time to apply for jobs. As an RN-to-be with no previous hospital experience aside from clinicals, would it be appropriate to include letters of reference written by my clinical instructors? Do these carry weight? I am thinking it is better than no reference at all.

If yes, how should these be included in my job application/resume? Or, how should they be delivered to the hiring manager for the job I'm interested in?

Thank you

Usually there is a reference section on job applications where you just enter their name and telephone #. You usually can bring letters of reference with you to interviews or send them electronically or via mail if employers ask for them.

You can also send a letter of reference along with your résumé to nurse managers and recruiters directly if you choose o do so.


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I've been a clinical instructor and I have written letters of recommendation for students. Its a huge help if you're looking for a job where your instructor works.