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if im applying to multiple schools , it seems like a pain in the ass if im applying to like twenty schools, each with different requirements for LoR. how do you deal with schools that ask for a sealed letter or for the person to fill out a form with specific questions (instead of a typed letter)?

should i just get one copy of a letter of rec from the person and then i make multiple copies of it ?

If it is just 2 schools give them the forms. If it is more ask for x amount of sealed letters.

I suggest when they write the letter, before signing it have several copies print and have them sign a few. I made back up's of my LOR's just in case I didn't get into the program I applied to. Even if you don't use them all, it's very nice to read them during your progress in school to kinda give yourself a boost...bc I assure you that at times you will begin to doubt whether or not you made the right choice....which you did ;)

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Have you ever heard of a credentials service? Many universities have this through their career services office. Set this up with them by signing a waiver of your right to view the recommendation, then they will give you forms for them to complete. Your recommenders write the one LoR on the form and send it to the office. You then send the office requests to send your LoRs to schools you designate. They will send sealed copies of the recommendation along with your waiver.

I don't however know how schools feel about getting these kind of letters, because after all they are generic and non-school specific, so I cannot speak to this. I did apply to 10 law schools using a credentials service and it worked well.

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