Let the chaos begin....family initiating rapid response teams

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We have this in my hospital. I think ours is kind of a combined RRT / Condition H. it can be activated by anyone, including families if they are concerned about health condition or care (which really is about health condition too). I think it is a fantastic system. it gives families peace of mind knowing that they have another avenue to access support / help if the first access isn't sufficient. I (as an RN) have activated the system a couple times when I was very concerned about a deteriorating patient and couldn't get doctor support as fast as I wanted / needed it. I haven't seen it abused at all. You have to present a valid concern when you call to activate the team. The posters are up everywhere and it seems overall to have been an initiative that in my opinion has been successful and has improved patient care.


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[color=#1111cc]institute for healthcare improvement: establish a rapid response team

[color=#003167]some hospitals allow family members to activate rapid response teams

[color=#1111cc]josie king foundation | condition h

[color=#1111cc]calling a condition h(elp)

one facility gives patients and families the ability to summon a rapid response team.

do rapid response teams save lives? : ajn the american journal of ...

... the study authors suggest that secondary effects of having rapid response teams may be as important as the primary outcomes they measured. noting that "a sizable number of patients who survived their initial rapid response team intervention subsequently obtained [do not resuscitate] status during their hospital stay," the authors speculate that "rapid response teams may not be decreasing [cardiac arrest] rates as much as catalyzing a compassionate dialogue of end-of-life care among terminally ill patients...

as a member of a regional health systems patient safety committee, we've noted 50 % less codes and improved family satisfaction since implimentation of our patient/family initiated rapid reponse teams.

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I'm sorry, but I think that giving a pt's family access to Rapid Response is a bad idea. Assessing the need to pull an ICU nurse away from his/her assignments to respond to a pt on a different floor is a nursing judgement, not a family judgement.



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To my knowledge, we haven't had a patient or patient's family activate it. We don't explain how to do it, but we do have a sign inside the door of each room stating how to call a rapid response and why one might do so.



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There are signs in our hospital regarding a family/patient's right to call a "rapid response" but I have yet to see it happen. The nurses are pretty much the ones calling the rapid response team if needed.

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We've made RRT available for families to initiate for nearly 6 months and we haven't had them do it yet. We feared the worst too but so far so good.