less people applying to nursing, please estimate point cut off, thanks so much!


So Sac State closed application for transfers and new students coming into the Nursing program for Spring 2010. Usually over 300 people apply for Spring (In Spring 08, 321 applied and the point cut off was 74; Fall 09 -- 387 people applied with point cut off of 79). This Spring only continuing students can apply..I'm guesstimating about 120 people?

Anyway with a much less number of people applying (again I'm just estimating 120), what would one expect to be the probable point cut off? Just a guess please!!!!!

Thanks so much.

350 vs 120, much better chance--I hope.

Good luck to everyone.


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Oh and sorry, about 60-65 seats would probably be available


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There are so many people who start schooling to be a nurse, change their minds, some who graduate and grauade nursing only to discover why was I such a idiot? There are thoose who stay in the job - happy or not - they do it. The job is no differrent than any other statistic about college students being happy with their jobs and if they stick with it or not. Nursing is however - different because you deal directly with peoples lives that you don't know realistic a thing about, and while you do your best - the thing that counts is you knowing it; despite family members and the chain of command be it the doctors, head nurses and CNAs. You always do your best.

There will be times you don't do your best because you get burned out - it happens, also it is about we are a team and we cannot do all things alone - we all cannot be perfect. We do all support eachother and we know the differrence between slaking -all that stuff. Everyone chooses a job - I like nursing and so if it isn't for you - good. I love my care mecanic :loveya:and banking sales reps. We all need eachother.


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Hi, Vianna. I applied to SacState and waiting for the result. You underestimated a little; 177 people had applied. I am surprised by this number since I thought only around 100 will. I have 78 points for GPA and TEAS, and I have 9 for bilingual and experience. I think the cut off will be around 70, which is significantly less than the last admission, well... good for us. How about you? what do you think? Are you nervous already or not yet?

Congratulation for applying!:yeah:


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just a tip...you may want to post this in the regional section...I find I get speedier and increased responses about specific programs if I post in the specific region. Good luck!


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Yeah I just posted on another thread on here that clarified the seats (I you answered) Thank you. Heck yeah I underestimated!

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