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I found out today that I will be starting with the new group of interns in September at LVHN. Are there any others starting? I forgot to ask if there is differential pay for nightshift since that seems to be the shift available. Also, has anyone gone through the critical care residency? How did you feel? Are there any pros or cons to this program? The interview was excellent and the director was super nice. Would love to have a few people to talk to about this program and possibly reachout for the 24 week duration.

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Moved to our Pennsylvania Nursing forum since state specific program...great Magnet hospital.

Night shift differential is a whopping $0.50/hr at LVHN. I've heard really good things about the critical care internships there.

While the pay @ all the hospitals in the LV leaves something to be desired, I can tell you the CC internship @ LVHN is fabulous! I took my first job out of school in the CC internship @ LVHN (cedar-crest) 3 years ago and found the program to be comprehensive & very supportive. The 6 month program includes AACN's ECCO modules w/ supplementary classroom/clinic days, plus clinical time on the floor w/ your preceptor(s). Though nervous, I was well prepared to 'fly' on my own by the end of the program...though support & learning continued afterwards too w/ further new-grad workshops & unit-specific training. I earned by CCRN the following year off orientation easily.

Good luck!

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LHV actually pays well compared to Reading! But...out shift diff is 10%. $.50..,that's bad.

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Hi guys,

Thanks so much for the replies. Actually, I received the official paperwork and they said evening and night diff is .75cents. I guess an extra quarter but just wanted to update. @RoamFreeRN are you still working at the hospital? I just went for the pre-employment assessment today and everyone seems so nice. I am a minority so the fact that so many people were nice, inviting and excited for me to start when in the past I've received the opposite reactions is a breath of fresh air. No one truly understands how people treat you until you are the only one of that complexion but I have not seen anyone else like me (yet) on my unit but I also don't feel like the elephant in the room. I'm getting wonderful vibes.

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for the replies. Actually, I received the official paperwork and they said evening and night diff is .75cents.

Well that sucks- why am I only getting $0.50? lol

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the informative information. I am going for a group interview for a new graduate position in a few days, can anyone provide any tips and suggestions. Greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hi there,

LVHN's group interview is not that bad. There will be 5-6 other applicants and 2 LVHN employees (recruiter and HR rep). They make it interactive. They will normally ask 3 questions and everyone has to answer them. It's a good idea to not always be the first or last person to answer. Listen to what the other applicants are saying. They also give an overview of the orientation process and benefits. Then they ask you what department you are looking for. If you don't have a unit in mind they will suggest one for you. If you want OR, you have to schedule an observation first before you are able to schedule a 2nd interview with the unit director. The 1st interview took about 75-90 minutes total. You will find out if you move on to the 2nd interview a few days after the 1st because the recruiter will call you to give you date/time for 2nd interview or let you know that you don't get a 2nd interview. They get so many applicants and they are selective, but once you are in they are very supportive and the orientation program they provide is priceless!!

Thanks for the comment! I actually had a one to one with the recruiter. It didn't turn out well. I will continue looking!

Hey everyone!

I will be starting the GN program in January and had a couple of questions. I am doing Med-Surg. For the first 8 weeks, are we just 7am to 3pm. Then week 9-12 is when we orient to our shift? I talked to HR and they said that they suually keep us one shift until we are done with classes. is that so?

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Hi NewGN12,

Congratulations on getting into the GN program! I didn't orient to Med-Surg, but I would think orientation would be about the same as other units. Not sure of the shift you will eventually be working, but they orient you on days (even after classes). Then once they feel you are progressing enough, they will switch you to your assigned shift to orient. Since your orientation is 12weeks, you will probably be on dayshift orientation for 8-10 of those weeks -- but that is only a guess. If you are working nights, you will have a much shorter night orientation. Just be honest with your education (PCS) about your comfort level. My orientation consisted of 4 months dayshift and 1 month nightshift (5 months on PCU) and things will be a little different on every unit.

Good luck to you :)

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