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Legitimate Service?

mdsslave mdsslave (New) New

Has 22 years experience.

I ran across this company, Florida Nurse Licensing Service, while searching for information to obtrain a Florida license. I am currently licensed in Ohio. I want to get a Florida licensed in anticipation of the need to work there while helping my mother, who lives on the gulf coast. She is currently in good health but getting up in years.

I had printed off reams of directions and requirements a couple of years ago, when she was having some serious health problems, but never tried to plow my way through all of the red tape since she recovered completely, in short order. With all the steps that were required, this company's claims seem almost too good to be true! I want to do everything legally but as simply as possible.

Thanks for any assistance.

I don't understand why you want to pay someone to do what you can and should do for yourself. Go to the website of the FL Board, download the appropriate application, and follow the instructions.

I would like to know if anyone has tried the service or knows of a service. I am sure if you are a Florida Nurse the website is easy, just like the Indiana web site is easy for me. However; I spent 3 hours trying to get to first base getting a Florida license and am no closer then when I started. The site keeps trying to register me for NCLEX exam ect. I would gladly pay for someone to take my information and get it going.


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