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  1. Hello Nurses,

    I was wondering if anyone ever completed Duke Universities Continuing Studies LNC program in less than six months. If so how were the modules? Did you find it time consuming or was the workload manageable. I plan to start my MSN with PSU in January and I am contemplating paying the bucks for the 6 month Program and was hoping to get some insight or suggestions from those who actually went through the program. Can it be completed lets say in like 4 months? I work full time and don't want to start my masters and still have to complete modules for the LNC. The program is set to where if you do not complete it in 6 months you must re-register and pay the full 2450. and start with module 1. any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   lindarn
    Why don't you take the online program, from the AALNC? The only official program for LNCs.

    It is online, very reasonably priced, you can take it in modules at your own pace. Sounds like a great program to me.

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  4. by   hugz331
    I know this is an old thread but did you ever find anyone that had taken the program at Duke? I'm looking at it as well for the fall, and wanted to know what people thought. I live in the area and could go to the once a week class... so I was thinking of that, but thought I'd check here to see if anyone had firsthand experience.
  5. by   niknakrn
    Did you ever explore the program at Duke? Is that the program you chose and why? I am interested in starting an LNC program and it looks like the program that is offered through Duke is also offered at a few universities near where I live. I'm not finding a lot of good information that is helpful in making a decision...
  6. by   Peepershops
    I took an online course through St. Joseph College in CT back in 2003. I have been a very successful LNC since 2009. The course was 6 weeks and cost me less than $1000. Worth checking into, and the money I make the course paid for itself the first year.