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  1. Non NP MSN types

    Oh man!!!!! I see what you are saying. Maybe I am still trying to figure out the details of my career path. I know I want some type of administrative/leadership role. Not sure if that means Nurse manager, Clinical Administrator type things, DON may...
  2. LNC at Duke

    I know this is an old thread but did you ever find anyone that had taken the program at Duke? I'm looking at it as well for the fall, and wanted to know what people thought. I live in the area and could go to the once a week class... so I was thinkin...
  3. Non NP MSN types

    Thanks so much for the response. That helps a lot.
  4. Non NP MSN types

    So I guess my more appropriate question would be, Am I qualified to be in a leadership position with an Education MSN? Or a Clinical Nurse Leader/specialist ?
  5. Non NP MSN types

    I was hoping you guys could help me decide about which MSN to get. I want to do leadership/administration. I got into a college that is not in my state (MY GPA is 2.66 ) The tuition is going to be 25k total. SOO I started looking in my state and fo...
  6. Jacksonville state university rn to bsn step online program

    is there anytime you have to plan to come to campus? ie-first of the semester or last day of the semester? also, is there a requirement to check emails daily? if you already have a week vacation planned for the fall-- my wedding- just trying to see w...
  7. RN to BSN mobility programs Alabama (AUM, JSU, etc)

    i know this thread is old but i'd love info on these programs or any other RN to BSN programs in the state of alabama. if anyone out there has taken them, what were they like? hard to get into? challenging to do while working FT? just information wou...
  8. Anyone with information about sneads online mobility -- you've taken it, you've had friends or co- workers or have heard anything about it! I'm looking for any feedback. Calhouns online program is new as well so anything anyone has heard or knows abo...
  9. so curious to as if anyone else has any experiences with snead's program? I"m debating on if I should do the online program there, or at Calhoun (they are offering online spring2011), or go for the classes options. Anyone have advice? occnurse1120, ...
  10. CSF leaks?

    a suture in the head? i've never heard of that.. just blood patches, and tissue patches?
  11. CSF leaks?

    Any nurse here ever heard of CSF leaks in the skull? and if so, what was the patient like? Just curious, i was in an accident this summer and have CSF leaks from head trauma. I'm also a nursing student too, only about two more years! woowoo!
  12. ACNPs with neuro specialty

    yeah i had the same question... i want to become somehow, is there such thing as a nurse that specializes in neurology?? and how do you do that? anyone? thanks so much :)
  13. Any one go to JF Drake State in Huntsville

    haha 9 months, dang your hands are full.... well actually i went to register at drake, and the nas class has two minimesters.. one now till oct, and then one oct-dec, and i figured better to be safe and register for the oct. one, well they said they ...
  14. Any one go to JF Drake State in Huntsville

    hey no i'm not taking that class... they didn't tell me that. I am only taking that one class, and it only lasts until october... i'm going to register that morning, but not for the campus tour since I'm only gonna take one class.... I was injured in...
  15. Any one go to JF Drake State in Huntsville

    i'll be attending there also on august 19... I am going for the CNA... and I already have my math and english courses so I'm taking the NAS100 class on M and T from 8-2. This is also my first time taking any classes there.... are you also in that cla...