Legal Nurses in Central CA area

  1. Hello allnurses, I would like to know more legal nurses here in the forum especially LNCs who are from California. Please let's all connect together. Thanks!
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  3. by   AliNajaCat
    There is an AALNC chapter in SoCal, I think. Go to the AALNC website (AALNC : American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants) and nose around, see what you can find.
  4. by   purpletzz
    Hi thanks for the info. I will check on this for sure.
  5. by   sunnyrose16
    mind if i poke my head around in there with you guys as well? This is a field I am quite interested in getting into!
  6. by   purpletzz
    Hi sunnyrose16, I am a Legal Nurse and is looking to expand and do subcontracting work here in California or anywhere remotely.

    I currently work as a Case Manager though and would like to do Legal Nursing on the side.
  7. by   RickyRescueRN
    Hi Purpletzz,
    I'm a Flight Nurse Specialist and Legal Nurse Consultant in the Bay area in Northern California. I specialize in EMS, CCT and Flight Nursing type cases , but am also often involved in either Plaintiff or Defense work/ consulting for ICU/Critical Care and ED cases. Definitely check out the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants ( website and I would recommend becoming a member. They have great webinars frequently where you learn a lot about the role and scope of the Legal nursing specialty.
  8. by   purpletzz
    Hi RickyRescue, RN, BSN. Thanks for this info. I will look into this. There is no chapter for Central CA and I believe the Bay Area is the closest one for us. Great background you have as well. Thanks so much!
  9. by   Lglnrse
    I am in NY and my work is similar.....minus the flight nursing. My career has been predominantly Level 1 trauma. I agree the AALNC is a great resource!