How to become a Legal Nurse Consultant?

  1. I would love just a basic outline. I've already done some research and haven't come up with a concrete way of going about doing this. I know that you don't have to be certified to start in the field and I also know that there are programs that will train nurses in this specialty. I guess what I'm asking is after say you complete a program how do you go to approach an attorney or law firm for work?
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  3. by   jkmjones
    If you enroll in a program, the program will discuss marketing to attorneys and law firms. Also, there are LNC-based businesses that specialize in helping new LNCs market their services (for a fee, of course). Best of luck in your new endeavors!
  4. by   Gr8Nurse54
    That is one of the key skills you should learn when you take a Legal Nurse Consulting course. I took the LNC Stat course. They show you exactly what to do. I have done very well with it. Their site is Legal Nurse Consultant Certification by the LNC STAT Program.
  5. by   okolo loveth
    Please how long does this program last
  6. by   sistasoul

    Is it steady work? I am looking into other avenues in nursing due to burnout.

    Thank you