Leaving IPN?

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Hello everyone! I am currently in the IPN program. I got a notice 2017 and started officially 2018. I was put on a 2 year contract, which means I finish this year... Thank God!

I am currently writing because it seems in this last glorious year, I finish September, It seems I have been on the radar... the reason I say this is because when I slip, they usually are not hard on me so quick. For example, I missed a check in and they stopped me from working, for almost 3 weeks. Then I did a UA and it came back positive for alcohol. They asked me why and I stated that it was my dads birthday and I had wine the night before the test. Now I am stopped from working and scheduled for a re-evaluation and that is almost going to be $900 I’m paying!

Now, in the 2 years I have been in the program, this is the only 2 times I am getting in trouble with something.

I ended up in the program because of a finger stick.. I went down to ER and my urine came back positive for THC (not thinking that it stays in your system for a while) but the funny part was, my job reported me after I left the job...

Now, the reason I am thinking of leaving is because 1. It’s ridiculously expensive 2. I feel like this program only favors taking money from you and would pinpoint any problem with you, regardless if you have one, and 3. I was in school and got my LPN license when I first started the program.

which means, when I disclosed to the board on the application that I was in IPN under another license, this current LPN license is clear and active. I am not using my CNA license and have no desire to go back to it.. should I just drop everything and let them report the license? I just don’t know if they would do anything with my LPN license. That’s what is making me nervous about making the move.

also, when I had to get re-evaluated, I told them that I had an LPN license (spoke too soon), now I am nervous that they are going to try and come after this license now.. I’m willing to let go and let God LOL, but I need advice first.

sorry for the long rant.. just had to lay everything out!


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Yeah they will come after your LPN license if you drop out.

Yeah I tell folks all the time unless you follow the rules completely this program will burn u. I’m sorry you are in this mess

I would not under any circumstance drop out if I were you.

They will come after your LPN license, and trust me they will find it and any other license you might think they don't know about.

They are definitely going to come at you for this positive ETG, but honestly, you knew better. Why drop out for being punished for a mistake you know you made..? I know they will make you pay more dearly than is necessary, but you did make the decision knowing that it could have dire consequences. That doesn't mean you have a target on your back anymore than anybody else in IPN.

It definitely does suck that they are charging this amount of money (as they always do and it's wrong), and that a missed check-in resulted in a 3 week suspension from work, but that's the nature of the beast, especially now that you've had a confirmed alcohol event.

I would do a cost benefit analysis (CBA) on this whole situation. The best CBA that I'm aware of is at SMART Recovery. It works for anything, not just addiction. If you Google "SMART CBA" you can get the app. It's going to ask you to list the decisions you are contemplating, advantages and disadvantages of making or not making the decision, and to evaluate each item listed as to whether they are long term or short term benefits/risks. Here is the link: https://smartrecovery.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/CBA_Worksheet.pdf?_ga=2.138167216.1020543657.1584734291-217668826.1563472570

Decision: Leave IPN before contract ends

Advantages /Benefits/Rewards for Doing This (long term or short term):

Disadvantages/Risks/Cost of Doing this (long term or short term):

Advantages /Benefits/Rewards for NOT Doing This (long term or short term):

Disadvantages/Risks/Cost of NOT Doing this (long term or short term):


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IF you want to remain in healthcare, do not drop out. They will come after your LPN license.

Do the eval (And I know it is a ridiculous amount of money) and take the hit and keep moving on. They may extend your contract or may do nothing, but you will not know if you do not try.

My eval was $1500 so I know how hard it is. I have been unemployed since October and that cost, along with fines, etc nearly left me homeless. But I borrowed and saved and did it. I am now in the job hunt and it is not easy with this contract hanging over my head, but I keep plugging along.

Had an interview, went great, got offer, but was turned down by my case manager. I understand her reasons and she has been good to me, so I take what I can and keep moving.

I know a job is out there for me. It took me too long and I worked too hard to give up now.

Good luck and keep us posted!