Learning to read EKG strip??


I've been an RN for several years, but work as a Psych RN and currently Dept Manager. I really want to learn to read EKG strips so I can one day take an ACLS class and possibly get into ER nursing. Any good books or web sites for self learning? Any pointers? All info is greatly appreciated. :yes:


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ACLS is easy, their rhythms are covered in the ACLS manual book and are very straight forward. A good library of complicated rhythms is ekglibrary.com

Make sure you know how to read a 12 lead EKG as this gives you a bigger picture of what is going on.

Check you local hospital, they may have an EKG course.

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its better to learn the physiology behind how they work, such as why they deflect certain ways, etc. I am by far not the best at them but it really does help over just looking for "tombstones" or other named waveforms.


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This was a good free site that helped me. EKG

You can also sign up for ECG/EKG Certification course through American Heart Association. It is a very thorough course and the final test is tough, you have 3 tries to complete it. Best wishes.


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The above looks like great resources try. EKG