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MoshRN has 2 years experience and specializes in OB, Postpartum, Nursery.

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  1. MoshRN

    New Grad Relocating to SD from East Coast; is it Possible?

    Yes, San Diego is over saturated with new grads. Tougher for ADN's and out of state grads. Yes, it can be done if you are willing to be persistent for that acute care job experience. Definitely apply to VA when they have new grad programs.
  2. MoshRN

    East Bay

    Bay Area pays $50 +. Also check out NorthBay in Fairfield if you have BSN.
  3. MoshRN

    Does your postpartum unit assign acuity scores?

    Everybody on our unit gets a 2, unless c/s fresh (or mag pt) gets a 3. Funny thing, we will still get a mag pt with 3 other couplets.
  4. MoshRN

    fired during orientation...to list or not to list?

    Gumby - Did you list this on your new job offer for NICU? You obviously did something very right.
  5. MoshRN

    Professional Nurse Resume Writers

    Can try RNInterview Tools on Facebook.
  6. MoshRN

    Some expert advice needed:) - SanDiego for New Grad?

    Northern & Southern Cali are over saturated right now. Getting a new grad job is tough. Doable for those who graduated from the area. Still doable for outsiders, BUT it takes a great deal of prep work and a little luck. PM for specific info. I can point you in a direction that will help you gather everything you will need to land on offer in Cali. The struggle is very real here for new and old grads.
  7. MoshRN

    RN looking for an opportunity, but.

    My advice would be Network, LinkedIn is a big one. Reach out to managers. Solidify your resume and targeted cover letter for each job. Know about ATS and use JobScan to help you easily add those keywords to your resume, cover letter and application. Get additional certs. For Mom Baby, BLS, ACLS, NRP, STABLE, Cert Lactation Specialist - so you will be Baby Friendly. If you are in an oversaturated market, you must learn how to play the game. PM me for more advice. I have loads. The struggle is very real. Also remember these units are very coveted. You must fit in with the team they already have. Volunteer, join associations related to Mom Baby or where you know you will meet professionals currently in your dream job.
  8. MoshRN

    RN looking for an opportunity, but.

    Mistaken entry.
  9. MoshRN

    Student wanting job in L&D

    Get your certs ACLS BLS NRP STABLE. CERT LACTATION SPECIALIST so youwill be baby friendy. AWHONN has a conference this month. A few others coming up in Las Vegas. Yes Doula is great non medical side. I will message you.
  10. MoshRN

    I'm starting to feel like I'm done

    "...My anal-retentive/OCD/do it right the first time for the love of God self is driving me crazy." Totally me!!!
  11. MoshRN

    Cheaters.... What is our responsibility?

    Agree. I had an amazing Anatomy teacher who went out of her way to help students. I had to take my final in one of her other classes, and I was blown away by the blatant cheating. It was a big class and teacher was doing other things (in the room) but never saw or heard them. I know these students may never get into Nursing School if they could not grasp basic Anatomy, but I really felt for this teacher. I sent her an Email and kept it to the facts. She was grateful.
  12. You can do it. Have to figure out what is best for you and how you can take care of your body. Just do not set yourself up for failure when seeking a job. 5 8 hour shifts are a killer for me. 3 12's, not so much. Know that nursing school is hard on the body. Make time to sleep and recuperate. And get to know your disability counselor. They are a great help in school. :)
  13. MoshRN

    New Grad RN can't find a job

    New grads forget they are not only up against other new grads, they are also up against stale new grads who are doing everything they can to stand out. Like obtaining TNCC, ACLS, PALS, BLS, EKG, NIH Stroke Scale, IV, NRP, STABLE, EFM, Lactation Consultant, and volunteering, career coach, Networking, awesome LinkedIn Profile, and paying for Post Grad Internships. All to get our foot in the door! The struggle is REAL!
  14. MoshRN

    Huge over supply of nurses

    2.9 million RN's in 2012. We should be able to change the world with those numbers!
  15. MoshRN

    January 2015 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Must be a hole somewhere.