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Leadership & Mgmt


Could anyone tell me if buying the book for NURS 4455 "Management" class is worth it? Or can the course be used without it.

Thanks :nurse:

I did the in seat program so I don't know if the online class is different, but I never used the book. It was a waste of money.

I just finished that class and I barely used it. That class wasn't bad at all. Definitely one of the more laid back courses in my opinion.

If I were you, I would rent the book from bookrenter.com that will save you tons of money! They pay for the shipping to and from!

I will be taking leadership & mxg class on 9/22. Any tips or advise would be greatly appreciated. I've only taken nursing profession, older adult and health promotion --easy A's

Leadership and management will not push you too hard. Follow the rubric and your paper will be fine - side note - some coaches ding hard for minor grammatical errors (my experience in another course), so be thorough and use the spell check. Avoid contractions in your submitted papers and utilize punctuation liberally. The quizzes are unusual in that they are based more on your understanding of the material and not on choose A,B,C,D. I would rent an e-book version of the text as it really is not that critical, but each coach and instructor are different, so e-rental is an inexpensive, and safe, compromise.