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Ok, I got a call today from a cousin of mine who was in the beauty shop talking to a girl or said Lawson had lost some acceditations;however, they are still teaching nursing courses. Does anyone knows anything about this?


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If you check the alabama board of nursing website lawson still has their accredation. People love to spread lies, and negative things about certain school. Now they may have lost accrediadation on other programs, i'm not sure on that, but they still are accrediated for nursing


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I agree with MsLee! People are so negative because for one, they are unhappy with which, tends to rub off! I feel that we are responsible for our own destination! That's why it's important to seek info from reliable sources instead of engaging, believing, & running with such Gossip! I'm sure if you were to call LSCC nursing department, they would be more than happy to tell you all that you would love to know about it's nursing program. Don't let gossip determine your fate! Remember that!! However, accreditation was a subject touched on in orientation & the rumors as well. Lawson has not lost their acceditation! They also advised us as nursing students not to engage in such filthy rumors!


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yes they have lost there accreditation. Its just not updated yet


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Jace24, where did you get your information? According to the NLNAC( whom Lawson is accredited by) they are still accredited!


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I was in BIO202 last night and Dr. Wilson said the program is not on probation. It's a rumor that started after the last group to take the boards overall pass rate wasn't as high as the state requires.


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They were notified of their deficiency (68% passed, 80% required by ABN), but their accreditation is still intact. You also have to look at how much the program grew. it went from less than 30 candidates per year to 80 +. From the words of several former and current LSCC students that are friends of mine, as well as a nursing instructor who is a friend of the family, there was a large group who cheated and were dismissed. Those candidates were included in the amount that failed. I myself will be attending LSCC next semester and working towards their ADN program.


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I always check the ABON website. They update their information regularly. It will tell you whether theyre on probation or not, no questions about it. The website also has a live person you can chat with online, Ive found this to be extremely helpful when I just need a question answered and dont feel like searching through the site. BTW... I graduated Lawson December 2009, was able to sit for NCLEX and now have a license! So you cant always trust what others say. Look up the information for yourself.

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