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hdagnan specializes in LTC, geriatrics, hospice, etc.

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  1. hdagnan

    UAB Pre-employment physical??????

    I had my tb titer from last year and had that faxed to them. Other than that it was just a UDS, blood work for hep, and the NP did a mini work up (ROM, cold stethoscope, etc)
  2. hdagnan

    BSN vs. RN Salary

    Two more years of literature and history courses don't make you a better nurse dearie. Drop the ego. We are here to support each other, not diss anyone who didn't want to pay twice as much for the same outcome. I am a PCT at UAB (and a pre-nursing student) and I have many friends who are nurses (both BSN and ADN). ALL agree there is no difference when you start out. A Staff RN is a Staff RN is a Staff RN! However, once you get in to clinical management and supervisory positions, some facilities do prefer a BSN over an ADN with equal experience (and some require MSN). I myself will be getting a BSN ONLY because I plan to continue my education from there. Although I am certainly being thrifty by getting my Associate of Science at a CC first.
  3. hdagnan

    Staffing for the Good of the Patient

    The LTC facility I recently resigned from was 102 beds. During day and evening shifts, there were four LPN's. At night (when all the crazy stuff happens) there were only two, one on each floor. It was very stressful. As soon as you finish one med pass, you were beginning your next. You barely have time to chart, you never get a lunch, and if a resident crashes, something may not get done!
  4. hdagnan

    Any on the job CNA trainings??

    One of my former charge nurses worked at Cook Springs for a while. She had nothing but good things to say about them. The only reason she left was the long drive she had. I'm ready to leave the facility I'm in, but mainly because I would love to get my foot in the door in a hospital.
  5. Matchstick makes a good point, but the biggest fear I had was not finding a job right away and still making those student loan payments. I didn't want to go down that road.
  6. hdagnan

    Any on the job CNA trainings??

    heavy work load is an understatement some nights. i went in on my off day last night to pick up extra hours. good thing i did or my floor would have been all on one cna...thats 48 beds... i do love my job, but it can be a stressful environment. bethann, which facility did you work in, if you dont mind me asking?
  7. NHS is Northporth Health Services. http://www.northporthealth.com They are a pretty decent operation. Product is right though, if you are already in school and have done at least one clinical rotation, a hospital will scoop you up in a minute. They love students. They are cheaper and alot more eager to prove themselves.
  8. hdagnan

    herzing college

    Herzing's program is FT days only. Unless you have pre req's to transfer with you, you will go all day. I didn't like the limited flexibility or the price tag so I chose another school.
  9. I was told by a nice woman, in a nice dress what a nice program it was...with an ugly price tag! Are they serious??? She told me it was just under 50k and I almost fell out of my chair. I asked her why it was so much and showed her my papers and research on JS and LS and how their programs are only about 10k including tuition, books, uniforms, fees, testing fees, etc. She simply said the benefit of their program was you can get in right away. I was so shocked. I can wait until next fall rolls around if it means 40k less in debt. I could almost pay my house off with 40k, or at least buy a really nice car....maybe a new Camaro....
  10. The people are everything. If you do your job and treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve, you have a friend for life. I have had so many offers to go private duty by my residents who were discharged, but I just couldnt do it. I couldn't leave the others.
  11. You should look for another job if you hate going in everyday. Your residents can tell when you are stressed and it can stress them. Just remember, no place is perfect. There are lazy nurses, shoddy cnas, and rude admin EVERYWHERE. There will always be that one person or that group even, that **** you off. It is an extremely tough job, we are all overworked and underpaid, but it is also the best job I have ever had. When my residents look up when I come in and smile ear to ear, it makes everything else seem trivial. Sometimes they tell me how much they missed me on my day off and how the "other girl" didnt bring them coffee, or talk to them while caring for them, or some other thing that may seem little or trivial to an outsider, but means the world to them. This is when I know that I am right where I belong. I spent too long trying to find myself and figure out who I wanted to be. Now I know what I want in life and I'm a better person for it. Good luck to you in whatever you decide, just know that what you are doing now means everything to someone.
  12. hdagnan

    Anyone going beyond their CNA license??

    Ive had my certification for 8 months now. I start next semester at a CC... trying to finish the pre reqs (I withdrew 2 years ago, hubby was deployed and I couldn't handle everything at once with the kids and working), then hopefully I will get in to the fall ADN class. After that I am bound to my LTC facility (tuition reimbursement) for a while. While working there, I plan on doing the ADN to BSN program at the local unversity, then CRNA (anesthetist) at the only university for 200 miles that offers it (if they will ever let me in ::snooty:: ). Good luck to all of you! Stay positive! We can do it!
  13. We used two mannequins, a male and a female, one FULLY CLOTHED volunteer from our class, and then we were checked off in clinicals performing peri care and bed baths on actual residents. Even with the fully clothed volunteer, we just pretended to do the motions about 6 inches away from her body. We did vitals, drank thickened liquids (honey thick cranberry juice is HORRIBLE), ate mech soft food, and all kinds of other things to see "how it feels" but thats it. No CNA mini porn or visit to Neverland. You guys are so funny... I needed a great laugh tonight!!!!
  14. hdagnan

    FED UP CNAS!!!!

    Do all of you work at my facility? Seriously! I switched to 3rd shift and changed my classes to early morning just so I wouldn't have to deal with the sorry admin and the crazy day shift CNAs. I would hear a small group of CNAs talking about how many days they needed to call off just so they could make sure their section 8 didn't go over 300 a month or because they hated working 4 days in a row. Seriously!?!? They make more than I do and I have 2 kids and I'm in school. Then they talk about who got how drunk and did what Friday night, walk around all day doing nothing, smoke 20 times a shift, and leave their incontinent residents soaked for when I come in. UGH! I LOVE my job, I love my residents, but half the staff needs to be thrown out on their a**. A few of the nurses should retire already because their heart isn't in it, nor their head. Instead they just put everything off on you. Most nights we work short, A 50 bed floor split between 2 people. Plus vital signs on all Medicare, get ups (the difficult residents that day shift doesnt like getting up), and we have ALOT of geri-psych residents to monitor. It's nice to vent, and to see that there are so many others out there in my boat. When I graduate, I will DEFINITELY remember my experiences and have a little more appreciation for my CNAs.
  15. hdagnan

    Stupid Question Needs Quick Answer

    Same here, top name is A bed, first bed you come to.
  16. hdagnan

    CNA Salary?

    I'm a CNA in Alabama, which is, quite frankly, one of the lowest paid states in the country (in ANY field). I make just over $9 an hour. I have 2 years experience, but I was just certified 8 months ago. Since certification, I have obtained a much better job with regular raises and benefits. I love my job and the experience I have gotten these few years is priceless. Until a month or so ago, I worked under and excellent nurse who "took me in". She showed me so many things that I will need in my career. Thanks to her I might not feel like such a moron when I start clinicals. The nurse I work under now is a bit of a hassle, but I classify her as one of those who shouldn't be in nursing any longer (burnt out). Either way I wouldn't trade my job for anything while I'm in school. Its some of the hardest, yet most rewarding work you will ever do in your life, a good preview of what you will come face to face with once you graduate. I make enough to take some stress off my husband, I come home feeling like I actually accomplished something, and the hours are flexible (I work nights, have class every morning, and sleep in the evening before work, so not much free time). Plus my tuition reimbursement contract guarantees me a job after graduation at my facility. A few years under my belt there and maybe I will be ready for my true goal, Oncology. :w00t: