Late Quick Results?


So I took the NCLEX RN on Monday the 17th and today is the 19th and my results still arent available. I walked out of the testing center around 9:30 am and its now 11 two days later! I am having such anxiety! Has anybody received late NCLEX RN results? I took 76 questions and the 75th question was a SATA. I really hope I passed but my quick results are late!!!


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If your results were placed on hold at any point, it can take longer than 48 hours. Once a hold is placed, it takes anywhere from a day to three to lift....and then takes time for the Quick Results to come through.

The last question being SATA is irrelevant.

If you had trouble with the finger scan, palm scan, took more or less time than the average test-taker, these are things that can cause a 'hold' on a test. Doesn't mean anything one way or the other, though, when it comes to pass/fail.

Hang in there :)


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I thought if my results were on hold, it would say that they were on hold? It just says that my results are not available at this time.


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I called pearsonvue and they told me that nothing was wrong but that I needed to wait a few more hours and to call back again tomorrow if they still werent available. This is giving me anxiety though because Ive already had to wait two days and now they arent available?!