Last question on NLCEX wrong!


SO I took the NCLEX today and I'm totally shut off at 75 and at times I really felt clueless! All the preparation...out the window! I felt like I drew a blank! :uhoh21:

So I looked up the last question I got (one of the only ones I can remember)...and I got it WRONG. Does anyone know if getting the last question wrong is any indication of failing? Because I feel like if I PASSED the last question would be right. I mean, why would it shut off at a WRONG answer if I passed?????

OKAY, I dont think I'm making any sense....I'm gonna go relax for the next few days and keep my mind off of this!!!!!!!

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Let us know how it went. Don't drive yourself crazy over this, it's done now, you need to take some time for yourself.

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If it cuts off at 75 the last question cannot be the make or break. Imagine a line. Below the line is "below competency" and above is "competent". You start with a question that is a step below the line. If you get that right your next question will be harder. If you get it wrong the next question will be easier. It continues that way until the computer decides whether or not you are competent. The program typically shuts off at 75 because you've gone above what it considers to be "competent". Your questions would have been crazy easy if you'd failed.

Hope that relieves you a little. :)

Enjoy the next few days. What's done is done! Good luck!

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