I have been accepted into Lasalles nursing program for fall 2004!!!!!!!!!!!. i got my letter today and i am so excited i dont know wwhat to do! i dont think it is a reality though. i am anxious as to know what to do next. they sent me the aceptance letter and applications for fin aid and housing they didnt really mention anything about nursing they just have it listed as my major. that scares me shouldnt they have sent me info about the nursing program? maybe i am just trippin' and everything is fine. well thanks for letting me share my joy:)


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That is wonderful!! Congrats!!!

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Woot!!! Congrats.

It's a generic letter, you'll find out soon enough about the nursing program. Stop trippin'. :kiss

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grrroooooovy! :D


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WAY TO GO MS J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :biggringi

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First thing you do?

Pat yourself on the back!

That's great!

Congratulations Ms J and good luck to you in nursing school!


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How is nursing coming along. I noticed you decided not to go to LaSalle

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