Lasalle Achieve students/graduates, what was your gpa and nln score going in?


I'm attempting to get in as a provisionally accepted Achieve nursing student finishing up my pre-reqs at La Salle.

My gpa's are:

Drexel U 1.6 I was greiving the death of my father. I already told admissions about this. They told me to write a personal statement.

West Chester 3.0

CCP 3.3

Science pre-reqs are above 3.0.

Lets say I get 120+ on NLN which I'm scheduled for at the end of november. What are my chances you think? The couselor said to apply and that I have a chance. Well is this a good chance? Or like a .00001 chance?? lol

Anyway what were your gpa's/NLN's going in and your fellow classmates? thanks.

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If you look in the PA nursing programs forum there is a whole thread on the La Salle Achieve program. Good luck :)



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Woops, didn't realize this is the nursing general discussion. I'll be moving this thread thanks.


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I had a 4.0 GPA going in (CCP) and due to a computer glitch, my groups scores were never calculated so I don't know what I got on the NLN (the whole system went down or something and we didn't even get to finish the exam). I say apply anyway--no one thing alone--GPA, NLN etc.--will rule you out. Good luck!

Also, supposedly completing your prereqs at La Salle gives you first preference so that may also work to your advantage (I opted to stay at CCP and finish mine due to the huge tuition difference).



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Hey there. I got in with an undergrad cumulative of 3.4 from a 4 year university.

My NLN score I'm not 100% sure of. I never saw the numeric score. I only saw the percentiles. Needless to say the NLN is very easy. Get the review book offered on Amazon. You get scores in 3 sections: Math, Science, and English. I scored high 90th percentiles in each, but honestly I didn't study that much. It's honestly like an SAT exam with some extra science sections (physics, chem, bio).

I think you'll be fine!