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What laptop would you recommend for nursing school? Not really interested in a tablet combo though. Thanks!


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Something light weight to be able to take with you if you want.

I just got the Lenovo yoga 2 11" it's a 2 in 1 and love it so far. It's a total of 3lbs and slim.


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It honestly doesn't matter. What you are advised with change based on preference for Apple products vs regular products.

As long as it has Microsoft office and wifi capability to connect anywhere, that's all you need. Any other bells and whistles are for your entertainment.

Inpersonally bought an HP envy beats edition 17". But it wa not just for school. It's my bussiness computer as well for my husbands bussiness and I expect performance from a machine and will pay more for it. But everything my laptop does is not actually necessary and just my personal preference. I also paid $800 for it which is insane if it will purely be used for school work and basic internet surfing.


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I have a MacBook Air 13". I love it! Lightweight and has speed.

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I currently use a four-year-old Gateway laptop that I purchased for $175 on Ebay last year. It has the full suite of Microsoft Office applications and runs using a Windows 10 operating system upgrade.

So far it's been suiting me well for school.


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I have a toshiba 13" touchscreen that has been perfect for my school and home needs. It's very light and easy to transport and the touchscreen is so nice to have. I spent a bit extra ($600) on it as well as a 2 year coverage for any tech issues or even things like spills/damage so that I knew it would last me through school. I had a different, cheaper computer that gave me only issues and it's too stressful to deal with things like that when all your school work is on the computer!

I backup my files every semester, and when I make any significant changes to things like research papers or homework I have a special email account where I send it to so that if something did happen I can go to that and download the attachment and have my file back. Just a suggestion since I've really been hit hard by computer issues in the past and that's no fun!