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  1. Newly Graduated Nurse, Cannot get a job

    Hang in there! The only people I know who had a job “locked down” prior to passing the NCLEX were ones working as CNAs/techs. After you have a license to put in the applications, you’re more likely to be looked at. Use any resources or connectio...
  2. Ok I’m going to be honest and prime my response with this: I read it all halfway through, and then skimmed. So take it as you will! I think based on what you said you miss from tele (apart from the “elderly” pt part!) that you may be a better fit for...
  3. Cesarean section ,skin to skin

    Skin to skin in the OR is great! But it is, and should be, the responsibility of the baby nurse to oversee that skin to skin time. As circulator, we have enough we have to do and physically are unable to watch over the skin to skin time! Doesn’t matt...
  4. Postpartum Assessment: clonus, reflexes, PreE screening

    I check for all that if there is cause for it. If their BP is normal and no risk factors with their pregnancy, I don’t. I do check clonus with every pt/assessment. My preceptor did too and now it’s just habit for me. if the pt is on mag, they have ...
  5. Banner New Grad Experience

    I was not offered on the spot. I think they called me a few days later to offer me the position.
  6. SIMS at Banner New Gead Program

    They are like school, but less stressful. I mean, yes you’ll still stress about it but they really emphasize the fact that these SIMS are to help teach you and guide you as opposed to pass/fail you. So I found them to be more laid back. It’s also abo...
  7. The Newborn Bath

    This is an issue at our work place too (ie dayshift feeling baths are dumped on them). However, our techs are pretty good about checking back with patients around 0600 if they had refused a middle of the night bath to get it done before shift change....
  8. Skin to skin after delivery

    Pretty much the same for our facility as well, except we do q30min vitals on baby. No specific timeline for baby staying skin to skin. We encourage at least until the first feed or first hour, but we’ve had moms that keep baby with them until the la...
  9. Breech protocol

    Same for us. OP, our hospital has no actual policy for it. Everything is left up to the provider. Protocol is that when pt is complete they are moved to the OR for pushing and delivery in case a cesarean is needed for twin B. Other than that, it’s pr...
  10. Postpartum assessments

    We do head to toe 2x per shift regardless. Our section mama’s also get a head to toe immediately in PACU along with frequent vitals until the 4 hour mark. Then it’s q4hr til they hit 24 hrs PP, then goes to Q6hr vitals which is also standard for our ...
  11. Bloody Urine in Foley Catheter Postpartum?

    Our c-section mama’s are the only ones who transfer to PP with a foley. Our vaginal deliveries, if they have a foley in for delivery, will have it DC’d at some point in the 2 hour recovery before we take them to PP. some providers like the foley out ...
  12. Transitional Care Nursery! Help!

    1. We have a “transition Nurse” role assigned each shift. This is typically a NICU Nurse, but if NICU is full and they can’t spare a Nurse then an L&D Nurse can take this role as well. Typically it is one person assigned as this role each shift. ...
  13. Insulin drips patients on L&D

    What?! I have never even heard of this! More than 2 active labor patients?? I feel as though my facility is not as strict as others in terms of “high risk” being 1:1 but I have never had more than 2 labor patients at one time, ever.
  14. New Grad Jobs in AZ

    Banner will, but usually you have to know the manager/director for the unit to get into one of those. PCH will hire new grads to NICU. I have heard Honorhealth absolutely will not hire this units without experience, and I’m unsure about abrazo or dig...
  15. Banner Health New Grad RN Program

    1. The first few days will be all corporate type stuff, policies and starting your online learning modules. There will be skills and sim days to teach you general skills and equipment (IV pumps, IV insertion etc). Add in any classes you may be requir...