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  1. AZBlueBell

    Maternal mandatory drug screening

    I would look up your policy again if I were you...we have a similar policy but it explicitly states WITH CONSENT.
  2. Yes! I've had a couple classes that didn't require discussions but the rest of them have. I'm enrolled in a concurrent program with my local community college and a university. So I am taking classes that will go towards my BSN at the same time that I'm taking my nursing blocks with the community college (starting January). The class I'm taking with my university right now is the first one I've taken with them, and the discussion post requirement for that class is a lot more intense than any other I've ever taken. We have a minimum of seven discussion posts that we have to make each week. And we also have to reply to two people, four times a week. It's very difficult to make a substantial reply to someone when some people do the bare minimum in their posts. Thankfully I only have two weeks left in this class, and I find myself replying to the same people week after week because they give enough information in their posts for me to actually reply to. Yet other times, the discussion question really leaves no room for a "good" reply. If we are all defining the same word in our post, it's not much for discussion.
  3. I loathe the discussions in my online courses, but it's the price I pay for having the convenience of an online class. I always appreciate a rubric being used so that if points are taken away I can see why.
  4. AZBlueBell

    Why I cannot hate the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

    Are you actually suggesting that there is no such thing as poverty in the US?!?! What do we have here if not "real" poverty? It's just pretend? Seriously........
  5. AZBlueBell

    Why I cannot hate the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

    Wow. Just wow. Thank you for sharing your story. Affordable healthcare should be available to EVERYONE. I have always felt like this.