Landed an Interview!!


I'm super thrilled that I had a nurse recruiter call about one of the 20 jobs I applied for. It's on the PCCU at INOVA Heart and Vascular Institute and it's FT D/N rotation, but I did see they have FT and PT Nights which I would rather opt for. Man am I excited! I have been PRAYING for an opportunity to come my way for a hospital job! Anyone familiar with working on a Progressive Coronary Care Unit? I had some telemetry experience from my clinicals, I just hope my enthusiasm and drive really show during my interview. Yay!!! :lol2::D:lol2::D:lol2:


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I don't have an experience on the floor but definitely research the hospital! Know answers to what are your strengths/weakness, why do you want this job?, what can you offer this hospital, etc. I interviewed at a magnet hospital and they gave me some scenario questions to see what I would do in that situation. It wasn't too hard though. I would take extra copies of your resume incase the manager decides to bring along some of the other staff. Goodluck!


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Oh and also, every manager I have interviewed with asked me how I dealt with a difficult patient!


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Good luck, let us know how it goes, I rooting for you


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Thanks for the support and feedback!! I appreciate it so much!


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That's awesome! Good luck to you I hope you get it! You''ll have to let us here on this forum know the end results!