lacharity 1st or 2nd edition !!

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hi guys,

Please can one help me out, I have the 1st edition of lacharity but that was last year before the changes in the test plan, do you think there is need for me to buy the 2nd edition or i should continue with the 1st edition.

thanks for your response.

My Kaplan instructor told us not to get cheap and just get the 2nd edition straight up. The 2nd edition has case studies and also have Maternity and Psych challenging questions. It was very worth it. Dont hesitate to get it.


I appreciate your reply and advice, good a thing i asked.

thank you so much.

Any time you have questions about editions, you should go with the latest unless there is some known reason to go with an earlier edition. Sometimes more than one edition will be on the shelves in a bookstore and you can take time to compare.


I appreciates your response, i actually have the 1st edtion of lacharity, now i know they added infection control,maternity and psychiatric questions, i will go for the 2nd edition.

I dont know why i still have problems with management of care questions in the nclex, in my last test i had it below passing standard. i will try to finish the book this time before taking my next test.

thank you dear.

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