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LaCharity PDA Book


I just recently purchased the 2nd edition from someone since I couldn't get the new one right now. I just wanted to ask how did you guys study ? Did you go through each section and just reviewed the rationales after reading the introduction ? Also would it be wise for me to purchase the online resource from evolve to help me with the book ?

It depends on how prepared you feel and how much time you have until you take your boards, if you have limited time the book should be enough but if you have awhile and feel you need more prep, then get the evolve stuff

I would reccommend doing the first section of the book and completing the case study section only if you have time. This is a VERY GOOD resource to prepare from considering that management of care is a large portion of the exam. I did the questions and read every rationale. Im not exactly sure what evolve resources you mean but its probably a waste of money.


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2nd or 3rd is pretty much the same, except chapter 5 has 5 more questions . Lol I didn't buy the paperback book. I purchased the e-version on Evolve, for 20 or 23 dollars (not sure) and practice questions . It gives you how many % you got it right, what u missed . Just read the rationales after