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  1. Girlygirl23

    Age Discrimination in Nursing

    DREAM'N : It may not be the "serious" age discrimination that is discussed in the article but it is still "serious" and real. I decided to share my experience and how age discrimination affects me on a day to day basis; a piece that the article did not touch on. May not seem like much to you but it is to me, so please dont undermind that fact.
  2. Girlygirl23

    Age Discrimination in Nursing

    I find that in my workplace it is the complete opposite. I am 23 and always asked by patients/ family members about how old I am. A day doesnt fail where I recieve comments like "Youre a baby you look 14." Or " Youre too young to be a nurse." It annoys the heck out of me because I know I am competent and honeslty love what I do. I can do the same work as a nurse who is 30 or "looks older" than me. This was also true for me when I was a nurses aide- many people (staff) would try and take advantage of me because I was young. Some people would talk down to me or look at me up and down when I floated to other units as if i wasnt competent enough to fulfill my duties. So yes, age discrimination in the workplace is REAL and you would only know it if youve experienced it!
  3. Girlygirl23

    starting to get frustrated/discouraged

    NYC is SO COMPETITIVE, I myself have filled out so many apps in the past 2 months and NOTHING! I would recommend Calvary Hospital (Hospice) to you, its located in the Bronx and they are always taking new grads.
  4. Girlygirl23

    Those who have used Kaplan!

    You are definitely ready! Those scores are great :) Wouldn't be surprised if you walked out of there with 75Q and PASSED! Good luck tomorrow!
  5. Girlygirl23

    265 q's = pass??

    Congrads RN:up:!!!!!!!
  6. Girlygirl23

    Saunders 6th review questions?

    Saunders Q's in my opinion were too easy and my Kaplan instructor thought so as well. I would recommend purchasing Kaplan or using a friends. LaCharity was a GREAT book, 100% worth the purchase!
  7. Girlygirl23

    NCLEX Exam 2014

    I also have to agree that Kaplan ( I used this for Q's and Saunders Comprehensive to review material ) was more challenging than the NCLEX. Definitely do Qtrainers 6 and 7 because they contain more challenging questions and be prepared to sit for the whole exam- I believe they are both around 250Qs. You can walk into the nclex and get as many at 265Q, you must be mentally and physically prepared to sit for the whole thing. Most importantly, do not give up! You spent all of this time trying to prepare for this exam and its certainly not worth giving up on D-day! Sample test 4 was brutal, but keep in mind the NCLEX is filled with alt type questions so you must be comfortable with those- don't be afraid of them, if you get them wrong thats okay!!! Read the rationales so that when the test comes you will be well prepared. Also focus on your weak areas- peds, maternity, pharm because you must pass each section in order to pass the nclex- although i didn't get many questions on any of those sections. Wishing you the best of luck!
  8. Girlygirl23

    Winging the NCLEX

    My friend took it right after she graduated and didnt study....passed with 265Q - very risky in my opinion lol
  9. Girlygirl23

    HURST or SAUNDERS 6th edition

    Agreed, I love Saunders-for content review. I haven't tried Hurst, but Kaplan is what I used for questions- they were very similar if not harder than the q's on the actual nclex.
  10. Girlygirl23

    How quick do you answer a question

    Honestly I recommend just TAKING YOUR TIME. I cannot stress it enough. I was considered a very fast test taker in nursing school and I was always the first or second person out. For some reason it took me about 2 hours to finish 89q and thats a lot for me. I know a girl who took 4 hours to take 75q and she passed. I know that may sound extreme but you have to take your time to ensure you have fully read the questions and answer choices. Yes, be confident with your answers, but dont hesitate to read the question again to make sure you really understood it. In my opinion its worth risking the extra time because you will probably end up passing with less questions. With that being said, everyone tests differently. You know yourself and how you test, wishing you the best of luck on your exam :)
  11. Girlygirl23

    LaCharity PDA Book

    I would reccommend doing the first section of the book and completing the case study section only if you have time. This is a VERY GOOD resource to prepare from considering that management of care is a large portion of the exam. I did the questions and read every rationale. Im not exactly sure what evolve resources you mean but its probably a waste of money.
  12. Girlygirl23

    Input on Kaplan Scores & NCLEX PLZ!

    I had similar kaplan scores as well and i passed the nclex with 89Q 2 weeks ago :) I had really bad anxiety a week leading up to the exam and I felt that doing questions always eased it. The day before the exam i went to the gym and tried not to study anything, the day of i got there about an hour early and they sat me right away and i just took my time and i walked out of there knowing i passed because i knew i got the last q right :) btw nys bon posted my liscence # on the website 48hr after taking the exam, save your # onquick results. GOOD LUCK AND I HAVE SO MUCH FAITH IN YOU! :)
  13. Girlygirl23

    DESPERATE for help & advice!

    If you got 75 questions each time, I'm inclined to believe that you may need to review content. Failing with 75 questions most likely means you were not able to master minimum competency, which is key to this exam. Study content, that is basically what Q trainers 1-4 are in kaplan. Read the rationales and lookup whatever topics you got wrong (I used Saunders for this). Then I would approach the higher level questions (Q bank and Trainers 5-7). Don't give up, just push through. I have faith that your time will come for you to be an RN : )
  14. Girlygirl23

    Feeling down :(

    I also used Kaplan and Saunders to prepare for the exam. My scores ranged from 56-68 on the Q bank. I got a 67 on the readiness and a 64 on Qtrainers 6 and 7. I also felt VERY discouraged when I would get 50's on the Q bank. On those days, I would relax because I was too stressed and I knew that if I continued to do questions I wouldn't do well. Instead, I just reviewed the content from the questions I got wrong using saunders. I personally think that doing bad on just one or two Q banks doesn't mean that your going to fail. Try not to be discouraged as you are probably just having an off day. By the way, scores in the 70s are AMAZING. GOOD JOB!!
  15. Girlygirl23

    Failed NCLEX, now what?

    Hi amy, I just took my boards today. My computer shut off at 89 questions and I got the good pop up :) Hoping that means I passed! I would like to share with you what I studied to prepare for this exam. I used Kaplan, which I felt was extremely helpful because the questions were even harder than the ones I experienced on the actual NCLEX. I completed ALL of the questions and read all of the rationales even if I got the question right. If there was anything that I did not understand, I used the Saunders Comprehensive Review book to look it up. I would not recommend reading through the whole text, just touch on the topics of the questions that you got wrong. I also used the Prioritization/ Delegation book by LaCharity which helped with priority and assignment questions. I hope this helps, but most importantly don't give up. You graduated nursing school for a reason and you certainly deserve to be a nurse. Try to stay positive because your time WILL come!