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i have been taking practice exams and find that i dont really know my lab values.. and i cant find a way to keep them in my memory.. or keep htem straight

any ideas or things that help YOU remember?


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For me it's jsut a case of memorizing them. maybe you can associate the numbers with number you already know? Good luck anyways


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I memorized the set of values in order from lowest to highest. This was the only technique I could think of. Memorizing numbers bites, I usually just have to drill them into my head over and over. :)


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FYI..when l took my boards, l had tons of lab value questions. not just ranges, but assessment and indications, relationship to what drugs might be rx' name it.....


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Memorization worked best for me too, and the more you use them, the easier they are to remember


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I made myself lil tests.. where I would have the lab, and then I filled out the value.. I did it OVER and OVER until I could spit them out.. It worked for me :)


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one thing that I use to remember is for K

Mrs, Potassiums kindergarten class has 3 and a half to 5 year olds.

dont know why, that just stuck in my head.

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