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Lab test "EST GLU" what is it?

Can't find in my lab manual or on internet- I know it must be some kind of glucose test but cant find the "est" part... does anyone know the normal ranges and a short description of what it is for/significance?


Daytonite, BSN, RN

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Where did you see this? Written on a patient chart? If so, the unit secretary would be able to tell you what it is. I was thinking, estimated glucose, but never heard of such a test and couldn't find anything like that in my manuals.


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Agree that more context is needed. I was wanting to turn it into "fst" (maybe someone was trying to abbreviate "fasting"), but unfortunately there's no way to know with the information provided.

locolorenzo22, BSN, RN

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Estimated glucose tolerance test...would be my guess......were they trying to be dx'd with diabetes?

Thanks anyway; my teacher and I were stumped and I guess if I run across it again we will either call the lab or ask unit secty(that was a good idea,wish I would have thought of it) We also had a regular glucose test on this workup and just used this for care plan analysis....I guess if we ever figure it out we will post it on this thread FYI :p

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