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Hi Friends,

I'm looking for opinions and advice. Long story short, night shift is slowly killing me. I don't have kids, but I suffer without routine and I haven't been sleeping well recently. I've been night shift for the past 6 years.

I've had to switch jobs multiple times for various reasons (we moved to another state, my first L&D job was over an hour away so I found a position closer to home, etc.) so I've never been able to gain seniority to get a day shift position, and at my current job they've trained day shift postpartum nurses to labor and of course, they got to keep their day shift. I understand, they can't put all the new and inexperienced people on nights, but it means less day shift positions, and more waiting for those of us on night shift waiting for days.

Also, the stress of labor is starting to get to me. I've been working in a high risk unit for the past 2 years mostly in labor and delivery, and my passion for labor lies in helping unmedicated mommas, and caring for mommas and babies on postpartum. I love what I do, but I don't live for the adrenaline rush and tense moments like some of my coworkers, and I simply enjoyed my low-risk labor job much more, even though I appreciate the experience I've gained in my current position.

So my dilemma and options are these:

A) Wait and apply for a low-risk L&D night shift position in my hospital system, where most likely I can keep my seniority hours and potentially get a day shift at some point, and most likely will work more postpartum than I do now. Cons: I'd have to wait who-knows-how-long for an open position somewhere and then for a day shift position, not guaranteed they honor seniority by length of time with the system - could go by time with the hospital, or that particular unit)

B) Apply for an OBGYN office job. Pros: less stress, work days Mon-Fri (!!!), I could work in L&D on call to keep up my skills. Cons: Might be boring, less money, I've never worked in an office, I might hate it compared with hospital nursing. Then again, I might love the routine instead of finding it boring, I just don't know.

Anyone have experience with this? Know anyone who went to work in an office? Sorry for the long backstory. Thanks for your help, friends :)

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I know people who went to work in offices -- some of them loved it, others hated it and one couldn't hack it because the money was too low. If it's all about "having a routine," why haven't you developed a routine in your years on night shift? It won't be the SAME as a day shift routine, but if having a routine is important to you, there is nothing stopping you from developing one.

I personally HATED Monday - Friday, but if you think you'd like it and your budget can take the hit, go for it. Just be prepared to stay a couple of years, because it sounds from your lengthy post as though you've done some job hopping in the past.

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I went from inpatient OB to OB/Gyn clinic and loved it. Loved the hours, loved the work, loved weekends and holidays off. It was a clinic that was part of a hospital system, so the pay was the same as inpatient RN pay.

I did miss inpatient care and L&D, so I did eventually go back (but as a manager, so I still mainly work daytime hours), but for the years I did clinic nursing, I really enjoyed it, and it broadened my knowledge base SO MUCH to learn about the antenatal period, care of pregnant women throughout their pregnancy, testing, STIs, gyn care, all of which made me an all around more rounded women's health nurse.

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We have had a few L&D nurses go to the offices and they loved it!

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I've been in an OBGYN office for 5 years and just made the switch to LDRP this month. I was working 24h in the office, 830-5pm. I really wanted to go FT but dreaded M-F. I like having weekdays to do errands, kids appts, etc. I had been applying for a hospital position in LDRP for a while and FINALLY got a call back. I started at the office as a new grad so I had no hospital experience. I was hired for 36h 11a-11p. So far i'm loving it way more than the office. I will miss the education I get to provide throughout the 9 months of prenatal care but love all the hands on. The office is way more low key but I love being able to work FT in 3 days and getting FT benefits.

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