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RNpathoteacher has 23 years experience and specializes in OB/L&D/ patho.

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  1. Research help-Clinical adjunct Faculty

    Thank you for the feedback. The instruments best fit the research question, but always have limitations. So glad you want to teach as we need great clinical faculty!
  2. Research help-Clinical adjunct Faculty

    Thank you for responses! Still not at the needed number. If you know adjunct faculty on Allnurses, please let them know about this research. Thank you!
  3. Research help-Clinical adjunct Faculty

    Link to Survey Clinical Adjunct Faculty Survey INFORMED CONSENT FORM Study Title: Clinical nursing faculty orientation and differences in satisfaction and retention Researche r: Karen Klosinski Email Address and Telephone Number: ksch...
  4. Hating Nursing Currently

    We all go thru this as new nurses. Once you are more comfortable, in a year or so, it will be better! You are still learning and it is tough!
  5. New grad worried about getting a job.

    As a nursing professor, there is a difference between school and work. Most charting is clicks now. Spelling does count when typing. Reading a patient's chart with accuracy is important. IF you did not use accommodations with clinicals, will you real...
  6. Starting forensic nursing program

    I am interested in this answer too!
  7. MSN w/ forensic focus..is it worth it?

    I am interested in forensics also and wondered this too.
  8. Is this folklore or an old wives tale?

    We do this, but only until they are up and passing gas.
  9. Postpartum nursing diagnosis

    This is a great list!!
  10. Applying without experience

    Never hurts to apply, they will not contact you if they are strict on the experience rule.
  11. Can a healthy newborn go 24 hours without a feeding?

    As long as they attempting to feed and blood sugar is stable , then we let them go to 24 hours.
  12. New grad- L&D

    When I started L&D from critical care, I studied!! There is so much to know. I was already an RN with 5 years ICU/IMCU experience and I still has to learn. As a new grad you will need to study, seek out experiences, and take advantage of the orie...
  13. He Wanted to Practice Satanism for the Baby

    22 years and I have never seen that in the hospital, but nothing surprises me anymore!
  14. L&D nights vs. OBGYN office job

    We have had a few L&D nurses go to the offices and they loved it!
  15. Mother/baby and L&D

    Getting into L&D can be tricky, but you are already in the right field. Transfers are easier to train usually. If your goal is a midwife, then L&D is where you need to be.