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In October 2017 I showed up for a 2-part hiring event at a major hospital here in South Florida with 5 resumes and a smile eager to start the interview process for the morning CNA position (7a-7p). Day 1 of the hiring event included going through an on the spot "CNA TEST" that they required applicants to take and interviewing with 3 Nurse Managers for differnet (units/floors) everyone was nice especially "MR.WONDERFUL (made up name) I remembered him because he told me I had great interview skills and not a nervous bone in my body..really nice gentlemen and easy on the eyes. Anyhoo I knew I would get an email/call back for part 2 of the interview process and I did. Part 2 of the interview process was an UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT there were 5 CNAs that showed up and I was THE ONLY MELANATED ONE IN THE ROOM...not that it mattered... We were greeted by a nice lady who introduced us to THE GRENCH who was the nurse manager for the Med/Surg floor. Three of the CNAs there went before me and she greeted them with a smile and a handshake and started the interview process in front of everyone one by one asking questions on how they would respond to certain situations. It was my turn and I held out my hand to greet her and she told me she didn't want to shake MY HAND because she was sick so I sat down..she didn't ask me any questions just bluntly looked at me and stated "Ok we will start you on the7p to 7a shift right away and your pay will be such and such". I interrupted her and told her I'm here for the 7a-7p shift (all 5 of us were actually) and then she replied by asking me where do I see myself in 5 years..I told her I see myself as a nurse. Then she asked me if I had kids and their age..I told her..then she advised me that I should stay a CNA until they are teenagers because it may be too much to go to school and shuffle being a single parent (we never discussed my relationship status she just assumed). She asked me again to do overnight and I told her I'm not here for that shift and then she said ok then we will put you on days... To end this longgg story I told her I'll think about it and then later told her I accepted another job position but thanked her for the opportunity... Her AGENDA was apparent and I dodged that headache! Have any of you experienced anything similar to this during an interview process? I was surprised to see an email today when I got off work from the same hospital months later asking me if I'm still interested in the day shift position on a different floor..I have yet to respond. Made me think of that day all over again. come off as a very intelligent, mature, CNA. The Grench comes off as a blatant racist. I can't see any other way to look at it.

I think it's against a federal regulation to ask a job applicant about their family, kids, personal stuff.


I think it's against a federal regulation to ask a job applicant about their family, kids, personal stuff.

She didn't ask me any of the questions that were important to know if I had what it would take to survive on her floor. But we did chat about my personal life smh. I didn't fret thanked her and went on my way. Thank you for your kind words

She sounds racist as heck , I am glad you decided to take another job offer and not put up with that foolishness .

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The grinch sounds awful, unfortunately CNA positions at hospitals in FL are highly coveted, they know and treat you like you are dispensable for that reason. Your salary is going to be a lot better than ltc or snf, with better benefits for the most part. Hopefully she is not racist, I mean it's florida how racist can you be, there are so many hispanic and black people here you really have to be an ******* to keep hating that giant portion of the population, and work in healthcare. I'm in Central FL in ltc and I was the only white CNA in our facility until about a month ago, florida is just weird.

Honestly I would mostly upset she manipulated you- the new hires- into doing night shift. And screw her, having a kid is one more reason why you should get continuing ed so you can get paid more money and have a more stable schedule.

I probably would have accepted it though. You would not be working with this woman on a daily basis -I don't think these types leave the confines of their office much, and definitely not for night shift. Just my 2 cents.

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Wow! She could have tried to hide her feelings a little bit.

The truth is that you will come across people like that at some point especially in the nursing field. It's a good thing that you handled it with grace. It's hard to brush that sort of thing off..I'm black myself and I've dealt with a racist instructor so I think I can say I honestly know how you feel.

I agree with brownbrook, asking about if you have kids is not appropriate.

I wish you well in your journey and I hope you go to nursing school and kill it. Most people that I graduated with had kids, were married, and/or had a job.

Ha, I've had similar intimidation when I've been the only non-melanated one in the room, though thankfully I've not really had an experience with "the Grinch."

Sorry you've had to deal with that though - I hate when people use skin color as an excuse to be hurtful and obtuse. I hope you found something with a kinder atmosphere!

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