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how to know if you pass nclex PN through breeze

after taking the test for 48 hours, go to your breeze accountIf your application for license is open, then tat means you pass the test.

Good luck

can you post some pic pls. is this accuratr? i havent receive my result yet and i tried to pay for initial license it took mu money $150. then tried to reapply but it wont let me.

did u test in california? i haven't paid mine because my school will pay for it. I just need to wait for the actual letter to show them.

yes im in ca. i did pvt trick and it shows good pop up, i tried payinh for my license too in breeze ang they took my money. i dont have the official result yet hope i passed

yes! you still haven't got ur letter? wow! but we sure did pass because application for license shouldn't be available for us if we failed the test.

wow! congrats how long does it take before you got your letter? does the pvt worked for you?

I haven't received my letter yet, but I tried paying my license on breeze.

did u received ur license already?

nope not yet, im still waiting for it. hope it wont cause any problem that we paid for the initial license though we havent recieve the actual letter.


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