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I've been trying to deal with this on my own for a while...and am going to go to the doctor once my insurance kicks back in, but this problem is becoming a bit of a pain...litterally.

I have high arches in my feet. My BF says I could qualify for one of those chinese foot binding things.:roll

As I am growing more involved in my nursing career I'm finding that my knee, hip, and lower back pain is growing increasingly worse. For the last year I have probably tried 20 different products to support them.

I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem or if anyone knows of a good arch support for high arches????



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(Not my foot! :chuckle Chinese foot binding.)


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Dr. Scholl's arch supports...the leather ones are best, and check to see if your legs are equal length. I wear a 3/8" lift in my right shoe.

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They have supports for high arches. And no arches, and just about every other foot issue.

Great place for nurses and anyone else whose feet, knees, hips, etc., are killing them.

Use Motrin and/or Tylenol, also heating pad on your back @ night while you're watching TV might help.


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I also have high arches and the less support I have the less pain I suffer. I think the arch is a big part of the shock absorbing system. Good shoes are important, I replace walking or combined training shoes every 6 months. I try to find two pair that are comfortable, this lets one pair air out for a day.

I was a farrier before nursing school, I did corrective horseshoeing so I have a unique way of evaluating walking and posture. Stretching exercises are important as are rest periods.

We also injure ourselves often lifting, turning and walking on the hard surface of hospital floors and we dont give our bodies time to heal. We just keep on working and do further injury.

P RN has a good point, many people also have one leg that is significantly longer than the other.

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Have you gained a few pounds in the last year? I have noticed that as little as 5 pounds affects how good or bad my feet feel aftewr 12 hours.And, beleive me, I could stand to loose alot more than that. Also, Glucosamine/Chondroitin helps, too


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:rolleyes: I guess I could stand to lose a few pounds.

I've never really measured my legs, but i guess its a possibility since my right leg always hurts more than my left. I do alternate my shoes qod. And all of the arch supports have either been too much or not enough. I agree that I shouldn't use too much support thus losing the natural shock abosorbtion.

Also, since I'm only in the begining of my third month working at my first hospital job I find that I don't sit much during the day, unless I take my lunch break. I'll have to make myself sit and do a bit of charting instead of standing. Must be a bad habit my nursing instructor gave me. Always give up your chair to the Physician.....guess that's going out the door. :devil:

Thanks for all of your advice. I'll continue my search!

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