what kind of safety issues do you all have in your hopsital?


Hi all,

Besides staffing, ratios, medication errors, what other kind of safety issues are you having that are not being addressed adequately???

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Patient lifting/transferring (especially bariatric pts.). Slick floors when they shampoo the hall carpets and then you walk into the patient rooms :angryfire . Pushing heavy beds over carpeted floors---it's really hard on our backs. Pediatric meds (I always check them w/ another nurse, but it's not standard practice among that unit's RNs). Patients with the same last name or the same diagnosis being put in the same room (stupid, stupid, stupid!). Otherwise, we're pretty good on most safety issues........but there's always room for improvement. :)

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Ergonomics. In other words, have you ever seen a hospital room that was not too small for all the equipment that it has in it? Or retrofitted equipment that simply doesn't belong where it is, creating injuries to workers?


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When I was working in Minneapolis several years ago, there was a situation that happened in the Imaging dept of a hospital. A person was having a CT scan with one of the C-arm type of scanners. The staff forgot to remove the little footstool that the patient uses to get up on the table with. The C-arm got caught on the footstool, and the whole arm and scanner fell on the patient, causing a fatal crush injury. :uhoh21:

Hazards everywhere. I imagine there were big time lawsuits there!

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