Willing to give a CA girl the scoop on good hospitals in KY

  1. Hi, I'm looking for any info you can give me on Ky towns and hospitals. My family and i are contemplating a move to IL or KY. We are undecided as of yet. We would ideally like to buy a house and land in a small town, but near enough to a town with shopping!! As you can see i am a new nurse, i currently work in postpardum and aspire to go to L&D. Any info you can give would be helpful. And if you don't mind what is the salary for a new RN? Thanks for your help.

    FYI-- Southern CA area ranges from $25-35 .00 not counting dif. for nights, in case you were wondering.
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  3. by   Lacie
    I always liked the Lexington area as there are enough smaller towns/areas surrounding Lexington to make it an easy commute. Winter months can be a little difficult when icy but I commuted from Richmond to Lexington. Loved it. Enough hospitals in the area some teaching some specializing. Also a childrens/shriners there. UK(has level 1 trauma center also) and also EKU in the area if your plan to continue education. Pay you will find is not what your used to in the CA state but cost of living is much lower. I am originally from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area and moving to KY was a bit of a culture shock particularly if you go to the southern/eastern areas of the state. Horse and Basketball country.
  4. by   Mirasol
    thanks for the info. i don't know anything about lexington area, but i will give it a look over. we have traveled to the western part of ky, but know nothing about the central or eastern part of ky. can anyone tell me the big differences. weather? cultural? cost of living? thanks again for any info you can give.
  5. by   NurseLKY
    I live in Louisville, the biggest city in Ky. There are multiple hospitals in the area including a teaching/trauma hospital, childrens, and 3 that have L&D. You can live 30 min from downtown and have land. Louisville has shopping, sports, and many great local resturaunts. The city is located on the Ohio River. www.gotolouisville.com will give you some info. I live in an 1200 sq foot apartment 15 min from downtown and very close to shoping and interstates and my rent is $600. New nurse start out about $20/hr but our cost of living is lower. Gas right now is $2.30 gallon. Good luck
  6. by   ca2ky
    can anyone tell me about south central ky?
  7. by   SoulSearcherRN
    Pay starts around $19.00 without shift differential in the hospitals I know of in western/central Kentucky. It can vary though according to the area you work in and the hospital. Sometimes ICU and CCU get paid a couple dollars more on the hour.

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