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  1. Hi! My name is John and I am starting at Univ of kentucky nursing school on spring 2016. I am a University of South Florida transfer and just wondering what to expect around campus (social life, part time job prospective etc. , as i currently work in a hospital as a medical supply distribution technician), good apartment recommendations, and military scholarship options? My background story is that I am a navy veteran (hospital corpsman), been a public health major, and my 4th time applying for nursing schools around and surprisingly been accepted into UKY nursing program! I been denied from usf nursing 3 times and been rejected from michigan, alabama, UF, and univ of texas. But UKY has been gracious enough to give me a chance to study at their upper division program! Any pointers on how to study and the previous questions are appreciated! Thanks! And go wildcats AND bulls! I dont know anyone or anything up there so any discussion or pointers are appreciated! And definitely what to expect from nursing school!
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  3. by   tylerpenn
    Hi John, Im also a public health major, im finishing mine in the fall and planning on going to a second degree nursing. Im stuck between UK and EKU. Are you doing the second degree nursing at UK? What was your GPA?
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    Hi tylerpenn. Ill start from the beginning of my journey to getting into nursing school.

    I was in the Navy as a hospital corpsman from 2008-2011 as a Hospital Corpsman/Dental Assistant. I was stationed at Quantico, VA.

    I went to UofFlorida right after I got out on 2011. I picked mechanical engineering because I did so horrible on pre med. No one to blame but myself because I wasn't disciplined and partied too much. I had a 0.68GPA and got "kicked out". I was on probation until I brought it back up to 2.1. That was my "freshman year".

    I transferred to a local community college at Tampa, then transferred to Univ of South Florida with an Associate in Arts degree. My gpa hovered around 3.1 (comm college was easy). But it went back down to 2.8 because I failed college algebra 4 times. Basically, I made straight A's on easy classes and B's on public health classes. I was too focused on finding jobs, etc.

    USF came out with this veteran to nursing program (2012). I always wanted to be a nurse or doctor, but wasn't academically disciplined enough. So for the past 3 years, I applied to every school that my computer can click on. Around 20 a year...but got denied to every single one.Never thought of Kentucky, but always looked into "popular states" schools. Of course I would get denied because they have a higher requirement.

    Don't get me wrong...I was even surprised UKY was gracious enough to let me in. I got in with a 3.0 (literally on the dot), 150ish credits. Why me? out of all the applicants, why me? The only reason is because I never gave up applying. After getting denied from USF, I knew that nursing was my calling. 3 years of praying, constant failures, trying but failing, went through some serious hardships....but knew that i wanted to be a nurse. Not for the paycheck, but its because I knew that it was meant to be. I got a job at a local hospital (finally) as a materials tech...but UKY saw my personal side of things and decided to give me a chance. UKY was very supportive on my application process and was gracious enough to invest in me even though I didn't deserve it for sure.

    Im not asking for sobs or pity. This is what getting into nursing school and being a nurse is all about in my opinion. It is the trial and test on which it tests your mental and willpower to the limit and to see if you are going to give up...or not give up? The choice is yours my friend.

    Go for UKY. I support them all the way in which they would consider other factors instead of how booksmart you can be. That's my story. And oh yeah, gonna minor in public health just to finish it out with a dual major degree (im upper divison)

    another TIP. GET A's on ur pre reqs. nursing schools love pre reqs
  5. by   cdavissmall
    Did you like UKY's ABSN program? Or did you just do the traditional program?