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  1. cdavissmall

    ABSN vs. Traditional

    Any chance you'll share the name of the program you did? Or even just the state?
  2. cdavissmall

    ABSN vs. Traditional

    Hello, all! I am posting this later than I should be, but I am still hoping to get some feedback. I am currently enrolled in a traditional BSN program. The duration of the program is 5 semesters; I would finish in December of 2018. However, the program is quite pricey and being that I already have a lot of debt from my previous degree, I was looking into a cheaper option. While most of the accelerated programs that I have looked into are generally more expensive per year, the fact that they are only 12-months long softens the blow. What I am looking at is roughly 94-95,000 vs. 45-50,000. The reason I am contemplating switching schools is because my current school did my financial plan incorrectly (they forgot to add food and housing to the plan), therefore, I thought I was going to be spending a lot less money on my BSN. I did well my first semester, with nothing lower than a B. Any opinions or suggestions on what I should do?
  3. cdavissmall

    ABSN Competency

    Hello asystole4! What school did you attend? Or, if you're not comfortable answering that question, what state was the program you attended in?
  4. cdavissmall

    ABSN Competency

    Hello, I am currently looking into different ABSN programs. I have seen some comments from people advising against enrolling in such a program, but one comment stood out more than the others. An allnurses user left a comment on one of the posts I was looking at stating that he found the level of competency of RNs who did an accelerated/second-degree BSN program was significantly lower than those who decided to go the traditional route. While I am certain that the level of competency varies from person-to-person, I wanted to know if this was something other nurses, from traditional programs, had noticed as well. Also, since you are reading this right now, did you like the ABSN program that you completed? Do you feel that it prepared you for what nursing really is? Did you find it hard to keep your grades up? I want to do an accelerated program, but I would like to know if those who did successfully complete the program feel that they were able to reach their goals as far as grades/GPA go. The reason for these questions is because I plan to go to graduate school, and acceptance into the NP specialty I want is more competitive than others. Thank you for your input!
  5. cdavissmall

    University of Kentucky Spring 2016 Class

    Did you like UKY's ABSN program? Or did you just do the traditional program?
  6. cdavissmall

    Creighton ABSN Spring 2016

    Hi, I am currently trying to figure out what schools to apply to. I've read some questionable reviews of Creighton's ABSN program and I wanted to hear your experience. Do you like it? Is it confusing? Do you feel that it is very unorganized? Thank you and I look forward to your response!
  7. cdavissmall

    Union University Spring 2017 ABSN (Hendersonville)

    I am dropping by to see if anyone knows Union's reputation? Or if they've talked to anyone who has gone there. I just want to see previous students' perspective on this program.

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