Norton Clinical Nursing Agency (NCNA)

  1. What exactly is NCNA, how does it differ from being a regular Norton employee, and most importantly how do you go about getting a job with them?

    I'm still in school and have awhile to go. So, I'm not really looking for a job but I'm so curious. I know they hire RN, LPN, and CNA's... I know they pay more and supposely offer Norton benefits but their website doesn't really say much more about it.

    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   BBFRN
    It's their own agency. You have to have some experience before you can be a NCNA nurse, though. This is because you will work on a variety of floors, and will have to be fairly comfortable with a range of different environments. You can apply via Norton's jobs page on their website.

    You pick the days you want to work, and you do get paid more. You have to consistently work full time to get benefits.