NLN Exam, and BCTC vs. ECTC

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    I'm currently enrolled at Elizabethtown Community College. I am going to take the NLN exam in January. Does anyone have any tips for me so I can suceed on this exam? I've taken it once before, but I want to get a higher score.

    Also, Is it any easier to get admitted to BCTC's nursing school rather than ECTC? Does anyone know what the average NLN scores that BCTC take in?
    ECTC has categories, example: 1st. Category = 80 on NLN or ___ ACT
    2nd. Category = 70 on NLN or ___ ACT
    etc. etc.
    ECTC seems very competitive because they only take in 30 students a semester, so everyone tries to get the highest on everything they do.

    Anthing will help,
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  3. by   Neoma
    BCTC is really competitive too. They accept around 120 each year, but there are a lot more than that that apply. If you want to improve your score, you may want to get the NLN review. I feel like it helped me. They go by your total score instead of the individual scores. You can also take the ACT. I don't remember what the rolling admission GPAs and ACT/NLN scores are, but it may be on the program website.

  4. by   loganlee270
    I actually bought the review several days ago, but haven't had time to look at it due to anatomy and physiology work! ha