Moving to Lexington..Nursing schools?

  1. So I found out that next July/August we are moving to Lexington, Ky (WHICH IS AWESOME!) and IF I get accepted to the local nursing program I was hoping to transfer those credits to a school down there. (Im in south eastern Ohio)

    I looked at UK and BCTC (I know UK does the A-BSN program, and BCTC has the ADN program, and i would rather have my BSN so I AM Looking into going to UK)

    Anyways, i wanted to see who all has attended, or is attending one of these schools for those programs i mentioned and get your opinions on if its a good option?

    and if you know of any other nursing school close to, or IN Lexington?

    To let you know, when I move I plan on focusing on Nursing and not working at all. My husband is going to be working, and he makes REALLY good money, and we are going to be getting a place with 2 other friends, so our money situation would be really ok with me doing if its difficult then that is fine with me! lol

    But I just wanted to get opinions and options before we move next year!
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  3. by   Juryizout
    If you got into BCTC's ADN program, you hit the lottery, because so many with 4.0 and all did not.

    My next door neighbor did the UK route and they paid for her school with a contract to work there. She loves it! I don't want to take statistics. Barely got through college algebra.
    Anyway, there's Kentucky State, EKU is an awesome program, Midway (but pricey). EKU has both, and they are very organized.
    Good luck with whichever you choose.
  4. by   GamerGirL337
    Thanks! I LOVE the Wildcats to begin with so getting in to UK would just be awesome to begin with....I don't know much about BCTC but for a smaller college you would think it would be easier to be accepted! Its kind of funny how things work out lol

    So did your friend get in the BSN program there? or....??? do you know her experience with nursing classes?

    Ill definitely look into KY State and EKU...but i really wanted something that I could travel to easily, either by public transportation or bike/walking you know? but it wouldn't hurt to look!
  5. by   ky_grl82
    I am planning to finish my bachelors at UK after I graduate next May from BCTC. The stats 200 class is SUPER easy and I am horrible at math. I had to take algebra three times in high school. In order to not do any gen ed classes while finishing my BSN (other than the stats) I am finishing out my associates in science (but it could be the associates in arts). Apparently the ADN doesn't satisfy the no-gen ed requirement.

    In any case, the EKU program is one of the best in the region and is really hard to get into. Plus Richmond is a great small town and not all the traffic of Lex.
  6. by   GamerGirL337
    I already have Stat's took it last semseter, I actually was pretty good in it (got an A in the class)

    the only 2 pre req's i have is A&PII and Micro, which i may take online this summer at CCCOnline...

    And kygirl:

    I don't think i could go to EKU its about 40 minutes away from where we will be living, don't think i want to do that every day! lol. But UK is about 5 minutes away and a 10-15 minute bike ride! or about a 30 minute walk...give or take...which is why i want to go there SO bad!

    I have about 80 transferrable credits (more by when i move next year, i will be VERY close to a bachelors degree i think it may be around 100-110 credits) I have fullfilled Gen ED requirements for Psychology bachelors,

    But maybe ill see you in class next year!
  7. by   sophie<3
    i got to EKU, i love it!
    if i am not mistaken it is cheaper than UK and class sizes are much smaller. i think i have about 65 in my class now which is small compared to other schools.
    i originially wanted to go to UK but due to the busy city and crappy parking and expenses to live there (apartments are much more expensive) i felt that EKU would give me the same degree and is an awesome program and it wouldnt cost my family as much. UK is a great school so I understand your reasonings for wanting to go there and I have heard great things about UK but I think you may still want to consider EKU is an option. Many people drive from Lex to Richmond and you could find a friend to commute with if you don't have a car. I believe the majority of my class drives from Lex actually. Don't let the distance turn you away..there are always options! And it is free to apply so it could always be a back-up plan Good luck in whatever you decide!
  8. by   GamerGirL337
    Thanks Sophie...I actually am considering EKU now...after talking to advisors at UK they said that NONE of my Nursing classes credits would i would have to start all over....BUT EKU does transfer some credits, im not sure which ones would, i still need to call and find out but if they do then I will DEFINITELY consider them...right now its actually looking at my only option to transfer credits...

    also, we will be living with 2 of our friends, and the place they are staying which is 800$ a month, split 3 ways along with utilities and food and it would actually be cheaper (and nicer) then where we live now! the facility has a 24 hr gym, a pool, and tons of other amenities that are totally worth the 800$ a month...

    and its only about 2 miles from UK if even that...but If i do go to EKU to finish my ADN then HOPEFULLY i can get into UK for the ADN-BSN option, then hopefully the PhD. program afterwards!
  9. by   amandakash
    Just FYI - UK's BSN program is NOT accelerated. I was deciding between UK and EKU and that was really the dividing line for me. EKU is much cheaper, and even though I will be driving from Lexington, it's not very far. Especially when you take into consideration that it takes at least 20 minutes to get anywhere in Lexington because the traffic is always bad (poor road planning).

    UK also will not accept your application if you are still working on pre-requisites (new rule), but EKU will. I got into EKU's ABSN to start in August 2011 and I will be finished December 2012. At UK I wouldn't start until January 2012 and wouldn't finish until May 2014. Since I'm leaving the job market to go back to school, I wanted it done as quickly as possible while still getting a good education. For me, it just fit.

    I actually had my heart set on U of L, but the way that their program is set up, I couldn't take all of the pre-reqs without being in a nursing program in Lexington, and I wasn't going to drive an hour and a half each way for two classes before I could even apply to the upper division.
  10. by   DA314
    I have issues with both UK and BCTC.

    BCTC: The ADN class is large. You will just be another face in the crowd. There isn't much guidance and the teachers don't help you on a one-to-one basis. If you are a good independent learner, you will get through. Be prepared to teach yourself a lot of the material, and study the powerpoints like crazy to pass the tests. The tuition is cheap though.

    UK: Easier to get into; classes aren't as large; they admit students in Fall and winter (BCTC only does fall). UK is terribly expensive, and Lee Todd raised tuition quite a bit every single year. Hopefully the new president that starts in July will be a better president than Lee Todd was (I really, really dislike that guy). Also, UK is on a mission to become a top 20 university, so that means tuition will likely continue to go up. If the money doesn't bother you, then UK might be the better choice.

    I chose to go through BCTC, now I'm getting a job at UK Hospital, and they will pay for me to finish my BSN.

    Good luck, and welcome to Lexington!
  11. by   J_Y0
    I am considering doing the accelerated second degree nursing program at UK. I live in Lexington and was wondering how many hours a day do you have class and for how many days? Thanks!
  12. by   amandakash
    The second degree program at UK is NOT accellerated. It takes 2.5 years to complete. If you want an accelerated program look at EKU, U of L, NKU, or Bellarmine.
  13. by   J_Y0
    WHOOPS! I meant EKU. I just want to know if I would be commuting everyday or 2-3 times a week, and how long the classes were each day.
  14. by   ces.lee
    Has anyone gotten into UK's BSN program as a transfer student? i have finished all my prereqs and my gpa is a 3.58 right now. is it pretty easy to get in?