JCC ADN Nursing Program

  1. Hey, so I was just wondering, did anyone attend JCC and got their ADN from there? I am planing to switch over next year and earn an ADN [Im at UofL right now]

    If you attended, could you tell me whats the program like? How are the professors? and over all what would you grade JCC's nursing program?
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  3. by   somekitties
    HI there. i go to jcc in the adn program.

    Jcc is and afordable school with some good instructors. I believe that in louisville it is the program that provides the most for your money in the end.

    Presently, i am not really happy with the adminstrators and other middle management, including some instructors. I see my attendance at jcc as a student, and also a customer. I am paying for services. As customer and a student i don't believe that hostility and dishonesty should be part of the services i recieve.

    I talk to nursing students from all over the city and all the different schools. I hear that all schools have their problems. all schools have good instructors and bad. I think that all the schools are also suffering from an aged staff and few new instructors. This problem affects my school to be sure.

    Get the most for your money and go to JCC. The pain in the ass is worth it!!

  4. by   prthd
    I'm thinking about transferring also. Could you tell me how hard is to get accepted to the LPN to RN bridge program?
  5. by   somekitties
    i am not really sure. i am in the rn program. i know that the rn program is undergoing some major program revisions. I would get started with your appointments and inquiries now.
  6. by   Boyar
    You go to UofL?
    Im asking because I dont think you should bridge program it. Because from what I hear, its mad hard to get accepted into the upper division of the UofL program. Plus, once again this is what I hear, most people pretty much decide what they want to pass and fail in the upper division, I guess its extremly hard.

    What I plan to do is go to JCC, get my ADN. I know I'll have a great GPA at JCC, because a close friend of mine goes there now and she says its Real easy but educational at the same time. She isnt a genius or anything, but shes pretty bright. Then I plan to go to Galen or Indiana Wesleyan University [they have a campus here in Louisville] and get my RN in a year.

    Why are you transferring? Just wondering.

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