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  1. [FONT=Arial Narrow]Im looking to go back to school to get my RN but i dont know where to go. What do you all think of Itt tech?
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  3. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    It is sooooo expensive! Like $600 a credit hour! For that much you can go go Standing University and get your BSN. Just saying...
  4. by   jgreen2490
    Do you have any other suggestions? im not doing jcc. where did you get your lpn at?
  5. by   wishinguponastarLPN
    Just realized my phone autocorrected my above post. It should say Spalding not Standing
    .anyway I got my Lpn at Galen and really enjoyed the program. I had planned to get my RN there but I'm about to run out of Fa money as I have a previous degree. Stay away from Spenserian. If you are willing to cross the bridge, Ivy Tech has a great program. Can I ask why you have ruled out JCC ?
  6. by   jgreen2490
    My recent experience with JCC wasnt very good they are just very rude & unorganized. So i would just rather not go there. I had went to galen & took the pax exam but didnt pass by one point & had rescheduled to take it again but decided not to go bc ive been hearing there scores had been dropping. Are you going to finish & go on to your RN? What about doing my LPN at brown mackie? Ive heard good things about Ivy tech as well but the bridge is just a problem.
  7. by   Kmolss01
    I am at ITT tech and i think its pretty good
  8. by   jgreen2490
    Really. How long is it going to take you do to the RN program? & around how much did it cost?
  9. by   Kmolss01
    it is very expensive but i really enjoy it the teachers listen to your needs. Plus the schedule is very flexible the program is only an rn program 2 years 3 months
  10. by   jgreen2490
    Ok thanks! Do you know about their pass rates?
  11. by   Kmolss01
    Umm its a brand new program so no pass rates yet im in the second class
  12. by   jgreen2490
    So after you get your adn can you do your bachelors there too? im really looking into it but i kind of wanted to go my lpn first.
  13. by   Kmolss01
    Yes they offer a RN to BSN online only
  14. by   jgreen2490
    ok so overall would you recommend this school? what made you go here out of everywhere else? sry for all the questions lol im just really trying to make the best decision.

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