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  1. Hey guys. You all seem so knowledgeable so I am hoping you can give me some insight. I will be applying for the nursing program at BCTC for fall 10. Currently I have a decent GPA so I am not anticipating any issue getting in the program. I have completed almost all of my pre-req's and my CNA and will complete the next Anatomy in the Spring. My question is this...I am wanting to find a job at a hospital/doctor office to give me some hands on experience. We live in between Louisville and Lexington so traveling to either would not be an issue. What type of job do they typically give to someone with my experience? I'd rather not work as a CNA at a nursing home...I think I'd be happier at a hospital. Where do you guys suggest applying? I would like to find someplace that would offer tuition assistance and be flexible with my school schedule next fall.
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  3. by   7student7
    I have my CNA in Lexington and I found it very difficult to get hired at any of the regular hospitals. I wasn't interested in nursing homes either. I ended up working at Eastern State Hospital - the psych hospital. It's got a reputation as being kind of creepy, but I really love it. It's so interesting.
    You can be provisional and just work 30 hours a month on your official schedule and then call in to pick up shifts whenever you have time. I rarely have a problem making ends meet even though my hours aren't guaranteed. Very flexible. As to tuition assistance, I know it's there, but I don't know the details.
    Also, there are a lot of nursing/pre-nursing students there. Most of the rest are psych majors it seems. All very nice and helpful.
    About the job - we're Mental Health Associates, not CNAs. You don't need your CNA, though most have it anyway. There is one floor that's a lot like a nursing home, but the other floors are mostly people who need social skills help and redirection from doing crazy things.
    Anyway, it's worth a shot if you don't find anything else. Good luck.
  4. by   ajwill824
    I just got a job at Baptist Hospital East in Louisville as a nurse assistant. They have tuition reimbursement. Check out their website & look for job opportunities for a nurse assistant. Good luck.